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Powder Laundry Detergent


Product Details

Item #06738

Our earth-friendly, high-performance formula is phosphate free and biodegradable. The ultra-concentrated, low-sudsing formula is ideal for High Efficiency (HE) washing machines and will give you up to 80 loads per box*. J.R. Watkins Naturals Powder Laundry Detergent delivers the clean and keeps cost-per-load lower than many other brands.

  • Dye and fragrance free
  • Gentle for baby clothes
  • Recommended for sensitive skin
  • Fabric softening action
  • Works in hot or cold water

Certified by the EPA’s Designed for the Environment Program

*Newer front-loading washers require only 1/8 cup of this detergent, for a yield of 80 loads per box. Standard washing machines will use 1/4 cup per wash (40 loads per box).

(5 lb/2.2 kg)

Scents / Essences

  • fragrance free


    Sometimes the best fragrance is no fragrance, especially if you have sensitivities to scents.

Product Uses

  • Tips and Tricks

    Tips & Tricks

    Absorbent and dry, laundry detergent is great for soaking up motor oil leaks on the garage floor.


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Sodium Sulfate (processing aid / additif technologique), Sodium Carbonate (natural water softener / adoucisseur d’eau naturel), Sodium Percarbonate (whitening agent /agent de blanchiment), Sodium Alkyl Aryl Sulfonate (cleaning agent /agent de nettoyage), Primary Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate (cleaning agent / agent de nettoyage)


Overall Rating: 12 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • Great Laundry Detergent

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Neil & Suzanne Zampella

    My wife is very sensitive to laundry detergents, prior to Watkins coming out with their Powder Laundry Detergent about 10 years ago, we had a hard time finding something that would work and not irritate her. What we did find cost much more, and the required amount per wash was a full cup. Even when we purchased an "HE" washer, it was still a half cup per load. The Watkins Powder Laundry Detergent not only does not cause my wife any irritation, but the cost per use is much less. Requiring, only an 1/8 of a cup, per wash, a box lasts us, a family of two, about two months or so. I highly recommend this product.


  • Consultant

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Jean M Kiel

    I am a consultant, and had never tried the laundry detergent. I purchased the powdered detergent and I am so impressed with it. Even using warm water, my filthy socks (from gardening) came out sparkling white.


  • Excellent laundry soap

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Donna K DaBillo

    I started using this after recommendations by others. It takes much less to get clothes clean and it is great as I have sensitive skin and can't use many other detergents. I have recommended it to others as well.


  • Naturals Laundry Detergent

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Ann M Zitzelsberger

    I have a front loader and I absolutely LOVE the Watkins Powder Laundry Detergent! With there being no scent I like to add Essential Oils when needed. I have very sensitive skin and so does my daughter who is 7 and we have no problem with this Detergent! Matter of fact if I happen to run out and use something else, we can tell right away. It cleans very well and leaves behind no residue. Have been purchasing this Detergent for about 10 years now and wouldn't want to wash clothes without it.


  • Best Laundry Soap Ever

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Marlene L (Consultant)

    This is by far the only laundry soap anyone should ever need. It is both economical, tough on dirt, while being gentle on clothes. I have a front loader and one box can last me almost 12 months. Now, I am not one of those that does 2 loads per day - more like 2 - 3 loads per week. Test it for yourself - buy a box, write the date you open it on the box and just see how long this lasts! Amazing product that I hope is around for many, many years!


  • It's the Best

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Diane Petker

    I have been using this detergent with an HE washer and love it. The small box is deceiving - it lasts a long time! I also appreciate not needing a separate fabric softener. This product is a keeper!


  • Love it!

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Jruss1958

    I love this detergent. It does a great job and I like that it's concentrated so it takes up less room.

    La Habra

  • Naturals Laundry Detergent

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Annie

    I used to use the Generation III laundry powder detergent and absolutely loved it. I have lots of allergies to detergents and was glad I had found something that worked. Used Generation III since 1991. Then just last year they took it off the market. I did not know in advance so I tried this Naturals Laundry Detergent. I reacted with itching and hives. I even tried doing an extra rinse and also using 1/2 of what was called for. I am sorry to say it did not work. Wish you would bring it back. I am an avid Watkins user. I love your products.

    Winnipeg Beach

  • Fantastic product

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Donna DaBillo

    I hadn't tried this until after a customer told me how great it was. She got some elsewhere and was skeptical as she preferred liquid, but her husband was allergic to many so he tried this. I got some and love it. It doesn't clump in the washer like some powders, gets clothes really clean, with a small amount of powder. I've given samples from my box to others and have a few regulars now.


  • Old Faithful!!

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Libby Carlson

    This has been a "tried & true" detergent in our household for many years. Gentle enough for baby's laundry or anyone with sensitive skin--yet a "work horse" with it's effective cleaning properties. No need to worry about detergent residue in the clothing . Fabric softening action is a plus!

    Oklahoma City

  • Small Amount = Cleaner than Clean!

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Lana Kinner

    As a new consultant I wanted to try the product everyone was asking me about. I used to use Tide but now I am hooked with J.R. Watkins Detergent. I am also going to samples for my customers. Not only is this product better for us, our clothes, and the environment........but you also get more for your money! Using a lot less product and getting a better clean then the top name brand.......WIN! :) (Note: product will take out very heavy mechanical grease from months.......rewashed all of my husbands shirts and they look close to new again.)


  • laundry detergent

    Scent: Fragrance-Free

    Size: 5 lb

    Reviewed By: Karon Kougioulis

    I've used this over12 years, I've found nothing comparable! We have septic system & this detergent does no harm! And very economical to use! My husband has very sensitive skin & we both have allergies, Watkins products are great!