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Traditional Degreaser


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Got grease? Watkins Degreaser is the powerful, versatile, and biodegradable solution. Put it to work in hot or cold water. In the laundry room, it removes stubborn grease and oil stains from clothing. Use it around the house to clean greasy stovetops, grills, bicycles, appliances, garage floors, and more. The Watkins Degreaser concentrate makes up to 64 gallons of cleaning solution.

(32 oz/950 mL)


Overall Rating: 7 review(s)

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  • Amazing

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Penelope Vivian

    I was introduced to this product about 10 years ago...took cooking oil out of a top 6-7 months after the stain. Put on the degreaser...let it sit overnight for best results and wash.. don't put in dryer until you have removed the stain. Works on fruit stains, grass stains, best product ever!

    Ottawa, Ontario

  • Degreaser

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Dianne M Klinski

    We live on a farm and so I see extremely dirty jeans and shirts in the hamper. Axle grease with dirt rubbed into it, ball-bearing grease, you name it. I use about 2T of the degreaser in with the Watkins Laundry soap and a cup of white vinegar. I couldn't believe how clean those jeans were! If it weren't for some holes, they could have been worn to church!


  • Original Formula Degreaser

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: MowKat

    This product is my all-time favorite. I wear a lot of dark cotton T-shirts that will always come out of the dryer with "grease" spots left behind. I just dab a few drops of the degreaser directly on the spot, fold it up and wait for the next load of wash the next day or so. It ALWAYS comes out! (Those spots are a real pet peave for me!) I fill a small squeeze bottle with the degreaser to keep handy to dab on the "left behind" grease stains. Friends and family have had their stories to tell as well.... GOOD STUFF!

    Kansas City

  • It does work!!

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Anita Somai

    I purchased this Degreaser based on one review that tipped me off to use it for laundry [by the way... thank you ...as it never crossed my mind]. I, too, was pretty darn frustrated with these little grease and oil stains left on sweatshirts and in times past, I threw out some clothes because of that. Well, toss out no more! I just removed some spots from the sweatshirts that were waiting for Watkins Degreaser and couldn't be more pleased! Thank you Watkins!!


  • Awesome degreaser

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Sandy

    This is the most awesome degreaser I have ever used. I poured it direct on the interior my charcoal grill, let it sit for about 1/2 hour and wiped off with paper towels. It came clean like it was new! I recommend this product to everyone I know.


  • The best degreaser on the market

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Lana Kinner

    Small amount cleaned a lot better then other name brand products. I wasn't sure if 1-2 Tablespoons of this with one gallon of water would actually clean anything good. So I put it to a very disgusting test.......cleaning an old charcoal grill........Yup, the do or die test. The grill went from old, crusted over cooking screen to a almost like new and not afraid to cook off it grill. Without a doubt will recommend this product to everyone!


  • Degreaser

    Size: 32 oz

    Reviewed By: Bonnie

    This is the best product I have ever found for removing stains on clothing.