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Cooking Spray


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Item #01040

Use our non-stick, butter-flavored cooking spray to cook with virtually no added fat. The 14 oz. can includes up to 1,600 sprays.


(14 oz/397 g)


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Partially hydrogenated soybean oil, canola oil, soy lecithin, natural flavor, propellant. Contains Soy.


Overall Rating: 8 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • Best Cooking Spray Ever!

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: David L Gurzenski and J Alan Lukes

    We can't say enough about this product. Not only does it enhance the flavor of foods (buttery flavor) but it sticks where you spray it and it does not run. Unlike competitors brands that run as soon as you spray it on the sides of the pan, Watkins Cooking Spray stays where you put it meaning that removal of food from the pan is a breeze. We bake every week and a can lasts for over a year. You can't say that about the competitors brands! Try it, you'll LOVE it.

    Big Bear Lake

  • Watkins Cooking Spray

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Lindy Pina

    I am so impressed with the quality of Watkins Cooking Spray. It has a slight buttery taste, sprays on like a thick foam and stays put, instead of running down the sides of my pan like so many have a tendency to do. More importantly, it does not leave that dark, sticky residue on my baking pans which is nearly impossible to remove. The time it saves with clean up and over 1500 sprays per can makes it a great value.


  • Cooking Spray

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: LaDonna

    This cooking spray is by far the best cooking spray you can find. And better yet, it lasts and lasts - there is a lot of product in that can!


  • The Best!

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Melissa Freeman

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this cooking spray! So much lighter, makes food taste wonderful, don't smell funny ever! This over any spray everyday!

    Inver Grove Heights

  • Cooking Spray

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Patricia Brown

    This is the best cooking spray and the only one I prefer to use. The ones sold in stores leave a residue where Watkins does not. I have used it for years. In fact I was once a consultant myself.


  • Great Stuff

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Maine-e-yak

    This cooking spray is far superior to the stuff you get in the grocery stores. It doesn't ruin your pans and grills by becoming a gunky mess. Sure it may cost a bit more but you get what you pay for and more. I'm stocking up so that I don't run out.


  • Best Cooking Spray

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Lynne Farris

    Absolutely the best cooking spray ever. All that have tried it love it and don't want to use anything else. Works great in bundt pans as well as casserole dishes.


  • like this product

    Size: 14 oz

    Reviewed By: Jacquelyne Paige

    I first bought this product from a consultant while I was working. Since retirement I will order online.