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Red Pepper (crushed)


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For over 100 years Watkins has been going the extra mile to find the very best of the world’s herbs and spices.When you buy spices from Watkins you get the taste of the world brought to your door step. Our all-natural spices contain only the highest volatile oils and are packaged so that you can enjoy them at optimum freshness.


(1.2 oz/34 g)


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    Red Pepper


Overall Rating: 2 review(s)

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  • Crushed Pepper

    Size: 1.2 oz

    Reviewed By: Dianne M Klinski

    Don't just limit this to pizza. It goes great in chili, spaghetti sauce ( also use the Italian Seasoning here! ), and use it to jazz up pork sausage and potatoes! Just a pinch goes great in soups as well.


  • the best

    Size: 1.2 oz

    Reviewed By: Sharon E McElwain

    My husband used to buy the crushed red pepper at a bulk food store. When I gave him a bottle of the Watkins he told me to never buy it any where else. It is so fresh and flavorfull.