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Cayenne Red Pepper (ground)

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Cayenne is a large, chili pepper that is extremely hot to taste.  Cayenne is often used to add zest and heat to salsas, dips, sauces, and marinades.  Highly versatile, cayenne can be added to just about any sauce and seasoning mix when heat is desired.

For over 100 years Watkins has been going the extra mile to find the very best of the world’s herbs and spices.When you buy spices from Watkins you get the taste of the world brought to your door step. Our all-natural spices contain only the highest volatile oils and are packaged so that you can enjoy them at optimum freshness


(1.76 oz/50 g)


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    Cayenne Red Pepper


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  • The Rust-Red Spice to Healthy Living and Diet

    Size: 1.76 oz

    Reviewed By: Jennifer and Chuck Strohmaier

    There are at least 17 healthy benefits attributed to Cayenne Pepper. Just to name a few related to diet, consider that Cayenne is a digestive aid, it helps produce saliva, provides detox support, and supports weight loss. We season our raw veggies with Watkins Cayenne on a daily basis on our journey to a healthy lifestyle. When I cook and prepare food, I am confident we are eating the best for our health. Last night I made a delicious red pepper sauce for grilled halibut. The cayenne lent a hot flavor to the sweet tastes of sauteed red pepper and tomatoes. I am very proud knowing that when I use Watkins Ground Cayenne Red Pepper, I am getting the full benefit of the natural oils in the spice plus full freshness.

    Sun Lakes