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Almond Extract, Pure, 2 fl. oz.

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Our extract delivers pure flavor that is free of artificial colors and flavors. Add a nutty nudge to sugar cookies, biscotti, hot chocolate, coffee cakes, macaroons, cherry pie and even baked beans.



(2 fl oz/59 mL)


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Water, alcohol (32%), oil of bitter almond.

    Eau, alcool (32 %), huile d'amande amère.


Overall Rating: 2 review(s)

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  • Use for family recipe Stamp Cookies

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Amelia Denton

    I love watkins almond extract, i tried to make my cookies once with a different brand of almond extract and the cookies were terrible! If you want whatever recipe you are making that calls for almond extract to turn out the best it possibly can then you want watkins


  • the best almond extract ever!

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Sherry & John Taylor

    My neighbor came running over, panicking, because she was making poppy seed cake and didn't realize she was out of almond extract, so she was wanting to borrow some. She didn't have time to run to the store. I gladly gave her what she needed. Later that night she called, asking where to get some of this "Watkins stuff". Apparently this was the best tasting batch she had ever made in her many years of making this cake. She HAD to get more! I've known Watkins is the best tasting and highest quality spices and extracts my whole life. I grew up with them. So, of course I was happy to help her out.