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Maple Extract, 2 fl. oz.

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Get pure maple flavoring without the calories when you add our maple extract to desserts like oatmeal cookies, carrot cakes, frostings and candies. Or, add complexity to savory dishes like barbecue, baked beans and sweet potatoes. Long used as a breakfast sweetener, maple extract is a great addition to oatmeal, muffins, pancakes and French toast batter.



(2 fl oz/59 mL)


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Water, alcohol, natural flavors, maple syrup

    Eau, alcool, saveurs naturelles, sirop d’érable


Overall Rating: 5 review(s)

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    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Rachel Oickle

    I love the maple extract , it is sooooo good in fudge, pancake batter a drop in your coffee, in or on anything you want a true maple flavor. I caution though if you make maple fudge you make sure you are going to give someone some or you'll be like me and eat the whole pan because its that good.!


  • Excellent tasting extract with a big flavor.

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: AudreyRyan

    This is an excellent tasting extract that really has a big and authentic Maple flavor. It is excellent in baking, cooking, chocolate, lattes, etc.


  • Amazing Extract!

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Sandi Tucker-Stanbro

    I have a wonderful maple-bacon cupcake recipe and used a store-brand maple extract the first time I made them. They were good and certainly enjoyed by my family. I was in Wal-Mart one day and saw they carried Watkins Maple Extract and knowing their quality, I opted to spend a little more and try it. The next time I made my cupcakes, I used the Watkins maple extract. The difference was visibly noticeable. The extract was darker, thicker and smelled stronger. My cupcake batter was also thicker with a richer smell. Suffice it to say, those eating the cupcakes raved about them, and I vowed that day to never use another brand of extract for any of my baking.


  • Disappointing

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Erin

    I have made homemade maple syrup all my life and am very disappointed with the Watkins Maple Extract. The flavor isn't very strong so you have to use more of it than expected. But the worst part is that now the color is gone. It is a pale, clear liquid. My kids will hardly try the clear syrup. It just isn't the way maple syrup is supposed to look. When their friends come over I have to get store bought syrup or they won't eat it. Watkins maple extract is the only kind sold in our area so now I'll have to order something off the internet. I've never had my food shipped to me in the mail but now I'll have to start.


  • good with oatmeal

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Mark

    I mix about 15 drops in a half cup of water for my instant oatmeal in the morning. I use the caramel extract with the sugar-free maple and brown sugar flavored oatmeal. Really 'maples up' the oatmeal. I don't hardly taste the oatmeal mfg's version of maple in the cereal anymore if I have the cereal *without* my maple extract in it. As a diabetic these kinds of treats are really enjoyed. Great way to start the day. I will say that the current bottle has been a bit of a departure from years past though. Previously the contents of all have been dark, think and very fragrant. For some reason the contents of this bottle looks almost like what my water looks like with 15 drops of extract in it - almost clear and the aroma seems noticeably less. Doesn't taste bad but it gives me the illusion that I got something that's been watered down. Maybe it's some new formula and it's just not what I have come to expect it to look like when I see it in my eye-dropper. Not going to stop buying it though!