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Icy Blue Ointment

Product Details

Put muscle aches on ice!

This modern pain-relieving gel cools down muscle aches, minor arthritis, and simple back pain. Natural menthol, extracted from peppermint, stimulates nerve endings that transmit feelings of cold—like an ice pack—to override the sensation of pain.

(3.7 oz/105 g)

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    Ice or heat? Neither is very convenient if you’re on the move. Treat sore muscles with pain-relieving gels, balms, sprays, creams and liniments that you can use anywhere.

Product Detail

  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Medicinal Ingredient: Menthol 2% w/w.
    Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Alcohol SD40B, carbomer, colour, polysorbate 60, triethanolamine, water.


Icy Blue Ointment