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White Cream Liniment


Product Details

Item #02316

This effective pain relief formula uses evergreen-based counterirritants to provide temporary relief from arthritis, muscle strains, and discomfort resulting from over exertion. The creamy lotion won’t dry skin. Rub it in to stimulate circulation and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. White Cream Liniment comes in our shatter-resistant Trial Mark™ bottle.

(11 fl oz/325 mL)

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    Ice or heat? Neither is very convenient if you’re on the move. Treat sore muscles with pain-relieving gels, balms, sprays, creams and liniments that you can use anywhere.


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Active Ingredients: Camphor 3.0 % w/w Turpentine oil 9% w/w
    Inactive Ingredients: Ammonium chloride, ammonium hydroxide, mineral oil, stearic acid, sodium tallowate, triethanolamine, water.


Overall Rating: 7 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • White Liniment

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: JERRY W CUMBIE

    This is great stuff, helps a lot with sore aching muscles



    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Beverly

    I've had fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs. Prescription pain meds don't help like they use to. I also have arthritis. Some days are unbearable. My mother told me about this white liniment. I am so glad that I did. It works so fast and for a longer time than anything else I've ever tried. I love it! My husband loves it too. We are 56 yrs old and our daughter works for Molly Maid and she loves it. Our oldest son (36) has a bad back and he loves it too. This is a great pain reliever. And it works for hours (sometimes the relief last days). I'll never give it up.I'll never have to 'just put up with the (any) pain' again. I'm going to try the whole line of products. If everything works like the white liniment does..... things are looking up for my family. Thanks a million!


  • Great pain remedy!

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Libby Carlson

    This liniment is very effective for deep aches & pains. I find you get the best results in taking the time to rub it in very well-it has been effective in the burning discomfort on the bottom of my feet when NOTHING else ever phased it! General muscle and joint pains usually stay gone indefinitely when I send in my "white knight" to the rescue! I also happen to LOVE the smell of this liniment--it even smells like it means business!

    Oklahoma City

  • Really Works

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: WD Wyatt & Co LLC

    I work om my legs everynihgt for 81/2 hrs. My legs ache and get legcramps and charie hores in them.It keeps me from sleeping well. But when I use White Cream Liniment before bed, the cramps and charlie horses do not keep me awake. I love this product.IT REALLY WORKS. Kathy Wyatt

    P.O.Box 1142

  • Great Product

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Arlene Morin

    I love this liniment. Works well on the various muscles aches and pains.


  • The best product ever!

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: rae

    I bought this product about 3 years ago. When I started getting pains in my knee, I rubbed the product on my knee and the pain went away.


  • BEST pain reliever I've ever used!

    Size: 11 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Patricia Roether-Miller

    I have been using the white liniment since I discovered it some 30 years ago, when I worked in the gardening and nursery industry. I suffer from "carpal tunnel" and the liniment takes the pain away so I can use my hands. I apply it often and there is no swelling or pain. Recently I helped a friend paint for 4 days and I didn't have my liniment, she gave me an expensive product that she thought was very good and it did absolutely nothing for the pain or swelling. This is absolutely the best. Once you use it you won't want to live without it! Its that good!