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Pain Relieving Liniment Spray

Product Details

Item #32350

Get quick relief from sore muscles, aches and arthritis pain with this convenient, fast-acting spray. The natural pain relieving properties of our Liniment are blended with the penetrating vapors of our Menthol Camphor Relief Mist to offer you quick relief when you need it. Sore muscles, aches and arthritis pain have met their match!

  • 96.5% Natural.
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas.
  • All-natural menthol and camphor.
  • Eco-friendly formula and packaging.


(4 fl oz/120 mL)

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    Ice or heat? Neither is very convenient if you’re on the move. Treat sore muscles with pain-relieving gels, balms, sprays, creams and liniments that you can use anywhere.


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Active Ingredients: Camphor 3.5% w/w, Menthol 2.5% w/w.
    Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol SD38B (56%), eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, polysorbate 20, thymol, water.


Overall Rating: 5 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • Pain Relieving Liniment Spray

    Size: 4 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Lisa Whittington

    I often get a terribly sore shoulder/neck which is most difficult to reach well enough to apply anything properly, but Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment Spray does the trick, every time. It works immediately and, though I`m sure the medicinal aroma isn`t for everyone, I personally love how it smells!



    Size: 4 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Deborah Smith

    I have many pain causing condition usind narcotics a lot of the time and been wanting to get off them and since using this spray i have decreased the intake of pain killers by a quarter Taking them 3 times a day rather then 4 times Thank you for this great product It is not for everyone do to the smell but i love it and sure helps clear my sinus Just want to say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT


  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - this will help you

    Size: 4 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Brandi Stovman

    I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my left ankle - radiating both up and down the leg affecting my foot. I have been in and out of wheel chairs, crutches and the use of a cane for the past four years. I am a fairly new consultant with Watkins. (April 2015 - we used Watkins when I was a youngster.) I have sold quite a bit of medicated ointments over the past year. So on my last order, I decided to purchase the Pain Relieving Liniment Spray, to give it a try on my left ankle/foot. My CRPS also known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) makes everything from the knee down in my left leg swell to sometimes three times the size. I can not even tolerate touch. Bath water hurts. I feel on fire all the time. I feel like I am walking on broken bones everyday of my life. So I bought this liniment to try on my worst pain - and Oh My goodness. It feels refreshing on my skin, doesn't hurt. The Mist is so soothing. It soaks in - and it affects the nerve endings. It truly is great for hard to reach places - and or if you can't tolerate touch to the area. 5 Stars! This is very nice, and if I could kick myself, I would - I should have tried this sooner! I am going to recommend to my fellow CRPS/RSD sufferers. -Brandi Stovman Independent Consultant #622689 Campbell River, BC Canada

    Campbel River

  • Pain Relief Mist

    Size: 4 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Al and Maureen Babb

    My daughter has been battling with back pain for 3 years now and nothing helped. The doctors were at their wits end. I decided to try this on her, and for the first time she slept through, pain-free. I now highly recommend this product to everyone who has stiff and sore joints.


  • can't live without this product

    Size: 4 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Ken & Miki Boleen

    have been using this for many years. quickly relieves leg and foot cramps. [ easy to apply if I am busy at a show ] . applied just before bed, seems to numb the sore areas enough that I can easily get to sleep. my husband uses it too