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Ultra-Rich Hand Cream


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Item #10484

The driest, roughest skin calls for the most intensive lanolin-based moisturizer available. When hands (or heels, elbows or knees) are chapped and need some extra attention, Watkins has the remedy. Our ultra-rich cream provides instant relief and moisture, leaving a protective barrier against the harshest conditions.

(9.7 oz/275 g)


  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Water, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil, sorbitol, glyceryl stearate, PEG-100 stearate, lanolin oil, polysorbate 60, fragrance, methylparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, propylparaben, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, cetyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, triethanolamine.


Overall Rating: 9 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • Ultra Rich Hand Cream

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Christin

    This product is amazing! This is by far the highest selling item for me as a consultant. I use this product myself every day. Please do not ever discontinue this product!!!


  • Ultra-Rich Hand Cream is Amazing

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Laura Dagdick

    I love this cream. I actually use it on my face and chest and everyone compliments my skin. It is not greasy but really moisturizes.


  • Ultra Rich Hand Cream

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: M

    This is a beautiful product. It smells divine and moisturizes and protects your hands and other dry areas perfectly. Lanolin is one of the best moisturizers and conditioners known to man. Give it a try. You will love this product.

    Bark River

  • Great for Man or Woman

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: David L Gurzenski & J Alan Lukes

    Winter is terribly harsh on our hands. The fingers crack and bleed from the cold and dry air. When this product is used all winter long, cracks and bleeding are a thing of the past. It's scent is a neutral scent which is good for men as well as women. It works on the toughest of skin too. It's not just for dry hands, as it works extremely well on other areas of the body as well. It is a great gift idea, especially for people who wash dishes for a living!!

    Big Bear Lake

  • Love, Love, Love this product

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Mel

    Best purchase I have made yet! Love this product. It is non-greasy and smells divine. I recommend this product to all my customers who are looking for the perfect lotion for those dry, cracked hands (men and women). JR Watkins please don't ever discontinue!

    Stevens Point

  • Ultra-Rich Hand Cream Eczema Savior

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Tammy Mullen

    My son at 13 years old has had severe eczema on his arms and neck since birth. Unfortunately most creams and treatments are so filled with chemicals they burn his skin more than they help it and most "natural" products utilize coconut oil. Well, my son is allergic to coconut and coconut oil. Introduce Ultra-Rich Hand Cream Savior. This product works on his skin without leaving his clothes stuck to him or looking greasy and dirty. Plus, did you know the lanolin in this is the #1 recommended ingredient for that summertime case of prickly heat/heat rash. Thank you JR Watkins for finally coming to my rescue with this cream. Please consider more products with Lanolin oil based ingredients in them instead of coconut oils. I know my son is grateful you made this one.


  • It is the Best

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Victor Lawrence

    My wife love this product and she says there is nothing like it and she would not be with out it ever


  • Hand lotion in tub

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: Rose Myers

    This is the best you have. My customers Love it as well as myself.


  • My Hands Feel So Amazing Thanks To This Hand Cream!

    Size: 9.7 oz

    Reviewed By: poco17

    I think that it is safe to say, that never in all my life have I EVER had such smooth, good-looking hands as I do now, since I have been using this J.R. Watkins Ultra-Rich Hand Cream!! Seriously though, this hand cream feels amazing on your hands! It's no wonder this product has 5-Star Reviews! My hands go through strenuous, hard tasks everyday and my skin gets doused in oil, grease, and nonetheless gas/diesel! At the end of the day, my hands are literally dry, cracked, and hurting! BUT... thanks to J.R. Watkins Ultra-Rich Hand Cream...ever since I started using this hand cream everyday after I get done with my hard, strenuous tasks and other jobs; my hands feel so wonderful! And for a guy like me whose hands get literally "ran through the wringer" everyday with hard, strenuous tasks, this hand cream makes your hands feel more than just amazing! Trust me, I have tried (basically) dozens of expensive hand creams out there and have spent lots of money trying to keep my hand moisturized and keep them from cracking... AND.. you know what? J.R. Watkins Ultra-Rich Hand Cream beats them all! Thanks J.R. Watkins!!!