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Menthol Lavender Drops


Product Details

Item #02351

Clear your head and breathe easier with 100% natural, purifying menthol and lavender vapors. Put a few drops of this non-staining blend on a handkerchief, tissue or pillowcase for an aromatic pick-me-up. Menthol Lavender Drops were originally introduced in 1934 when they were knows as the “vest-pocket doctor.” Now in a larger bottle, Menthol Lavender Drops still go with you anywhere.

(2 fl oz/60 mL)

Scents / Essences

  • J.R. Watkins

    Menthol Camphor

    Wake up and smell the eucalyptus! Menthol camphor helps clear your sinuses and put a spring in your step.

Product Uses

  • Traditional Uses

    Need to clear your head? Quiet your sniffles and sneezes with purifying menthol, aromatic vapors or a common and effective over-the-counter decongestant.


  • lavender oil

    Natural No.

    Lavender Oil

    (Lavandula anjustifolia)

    Lavender oil is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It helps to soothe and heal skin, while its calming scent may reduce anxiety and stress.
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  • Complete Product Ingredient List

    Alcohol, menthol, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil.


Overall Rating: 7 review(s)

Review Location Rating

  • Excellent product!

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Patricia

    My husband can't use many drugs due to possible interactions with his meds but we found this works well, and my husband can breath all night long!


  • Essential Winter Needs

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Patricia Worth

    Since I have been a consultant for the past 10 I have always kept a bottle of the Menthol Lavender Drops in my medicine chest. This product is phenomenal in alleviating major cold and sinus systems and is truly soothing to ones nose. I put a few drops on my hankie at night which is always close at hand and through a few inhalations I find great comfort and ease in breathing. This is one Watkins product I will have in stock for others to purchase immediately too!


  • Breathing Relief in a Bottle!

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Libby Carlson

    This is just a "must have" for anybody suffering from allergies or colds. A little drop on a hankie in your purse or pillowcase will keep the sinuses open and you will truly breathe easier. You will sleep much better also! the scent is so soothing! It only takes a small amount so this bottle will last a long time. This has been around for generations-I remember my Great Aunt always carrying the little bottle in her purse!

    Oklahoma City

  • best for getting rid of a cold!

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Shelley R.

    I have been using this product since I was a child and have yet to find a drug free alternative that compares! I have used it every cold season including thru my pregnancies and I use it for my children. Not only does help us breathe through all the stuffy noses but it also seems to help subdue coughs. I put a few drops on the pillow, get one of those little "on the go" tissue packs from the store and put a few drops inside it, or I have put a drop or two on our pajamas. I even have a good friend that used to use vapor rub on her face for her sinus and allergy issues and I have converted her to Watkins which she applies to her face around her sinus area, and now swears by it as well! It smells wonderful and I cant imagine suffering through a cold with out it!

    Penn Valley

  • Very Helpful During Cold/Allergy Season

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Cindy Cochran

    I don't know of any other product out there that is like these Menthol/Lavender drops. They clear up a stuffy head and nasal passages and help you breathe better. Highly recommend.

    Baton Rouge

  • Great Formulation!

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: NutmegsMom

    I thought this was pure hocus pocus but so I bought a bottle. WOW. It helps me breathe better when I put drops on my pillow at night and I’ve just started using a few drops on my seamless scarf (buffwear) to help me breathe better during the day. I use this now in place of the menthol camphor rub sold here because I like the listed ingredients in the drops (no other added ingredients). My puppy likes the smell too when she’s near my pillow or my neck.

    Mount Clemens

  • Great stuff for stuffy

    Scent: Menthol Camphor

    Size: 2 fl oz

    Reviewed By: Deanna Clark

    Here in the allergy capital of the deep south this is pure gold. A drop under the nose at night or a drip down your back really refreshes your breathing. And it doesn't discolor your clothes. Just use it with your bedtime prayers and relax!!!