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Potato Salad Seasoning

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Item #21986

Make delicious homemade, deli-style potato salads with this gourmet potato salad seasoning. Our expertly blended seasoning features onion and garlic flavors as well as a medley of other spices selected to bring out the best in any potato.

(5.2 oz/147 g)


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    Salt, onion powder, spices, sugar, garlic powder, calcium stearate, maltodextrin, modified food starch (corn), artificial flavor, hydrogenated methyl ester of wood rosin, BHA (antioxidant). Contains Soy.


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  • "AWSOME" Potato Salad

    Size: 5.2 oz

    Reviewed By: Armymom

    I was 50 years old before my mother gave up her secret potato salad receipt. Was I surprise, to learn it was a Watkins' product. My Parents have been using Watkins' products for 45 years. Now to my "AWSOME" potato salad. I followed the direction by putting the seasoning in the water while boiling the potatoes, but mom's secret was also to add to taste in the mayonnaise/mustard mixture. (don't be shy with it, as it will not over shadow the salad, it will just make it better.) Those of you who are on the fence to try it, you won't be sorry.