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Start a J.R Watkins Home Business: Want to start your own home business? Flexible, no auto-shipments. Work when you want, how you want, where you want!

*Important - This site works best on a desktop. If you are using a mobile device & signing up, please note you must complete all 4 Steps to activate your Watkins membership. Step 4 is the payment process. If you don't have a desktop you can call me at 403.998.8597 and I can  help you sign up on my end. If there is no answer, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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home business for financial freedom and secure retirement J R Watkins

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The Latest and Greatest

September 2017 Newsletter Here - New Products & Watkins Sales


September 2017

Check out the September Edition of  my J.R Watkins newsletter. You can download the current flyer and see the sales prices plus see what new Watkins products JUST came out!

Click here to view the newsletter (opens in new window)


jr Watkins september 2017 newsletter


What are YOU Waiting For? Join J.R Watkins Home Business Today!


Ready to join J.R Watkins Home Business?

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? Perhaps you want to add some income to your household or get ready for retirement? Maybe you are retired and are looking for something to do? Or maybe you just want to get the discount for yourself on the products you love!

A J.R Watkins business is fleixible, more so than other companies out there. With only $30 for the membership fee, no autoshipments or other comittments...this is one business you can work at your own pace and not have to worry about having to 'sell this' or 'buy that' in order to reach 'quotas'.

We don't believe in quotoas. This is YOUR business, run it as you see fit (within guidelines of course! Must be professional while conducting business right!) This is your chance to run a business the right way, to havce a say in how customers are handled and to build a solid reputation in your business community!

So get started today! Click on Sign In/Create Account at the top of the page and sign up as a consultant today! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I've been doing this over 10 years now and am thankful for the day I decided to start my own home business. I'm here to help you on your path while you begin your journey!

Join J.R Watkins in August - Free $30 Gift Certificate


When you start your J.R Watkins home business in August 2017 you will get a FREE $30 Watkins gift certificate! With membership fees at $29.95 and no autoshipments, this is the perfect time to get started - plus we are going into our busiest time of the year!

free $30 gift certificate join watkins home business opportunity

When you join Watkins you get:

  • Free e-consultant website
  • Free business website to send people to who are interested in the business
  • Free business directory listing available only to my team so local customers can find you
  • Option to join my Advanced Training Program (Free) a place to connect with other consultants, share ideas and learn
  • Training through our training site Timeless Integrity, plenty of learning tools and promotions and random contests
  • Access to Performance Rewards Program where you can earn trip for 1 or 2 to all inclusive all paid vacation (this year's trip destination is Costa Rica!)
  • You get upfront discounts on qualifying orders, free S&H on qualifying orders and there are many bonuses in the system that equate to $8,250 USD with great additional bonuses at the higher levels.

We don’t have any auto shipments or commitments...you don’t go inactive if you don't sell for one month or two etc. Watkins is very flexible and designed to work with your schedule. You can do direct selling to customers, do trade shows or set up a booth, do home parties or focus on online advertising or sponsoring or a combination of those methods, whatever works for you.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask! If you decide to sign up you can do so here: http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193


Your Retirement: Do You Have Enough Money?


It's a scary thought. Many of us begin working and don't give it much thought. Then, we think about retirement and can't wait to relax and not have to get up and work 8 - 14 hour days...but then reality clicks in..."Do we have enough money to retire?"

Most of us do not. Starting RRSP's to late in life we realize to late that not only will we not be able to retire early but we won't have the income to give us the comfortable retirement we were hoping for. However, you can still do something about it!

A J.R Watkins home business is a perfect example of how you can build a business up making income now to pay off debt, mortgages, bills etc. while building a team and growing your business to provide you stable income in your retirement years. You can also use the extra income from your J.R Watkins home business to put more money into RRSPs as a buffer.

When the time comes to retire, instead of taking money OUT of your retirement fund, you can leave it alone and let it grow and live instead on your income from your J.R Watkins business! If you are wondering at this point, just "HOW MUCH MONEY CAN a J.R WATKINS BUSINESS give me?"...well I am not allowed to state claims on income as everyone is different based on what types of selling, marketing etc they do and how hard they work at it. If you think you can just join and sit back and wait for it to happen, I can tell you honestly that your business will likely not grow as you hoped!

However, if you work at your business and treat it like a business you will see it grow. With growth comes more money and a stable business. Imagine making $4,000/month from your home business. That's $ 48,000/ year. If your bills, debts, mortgage etc were all paid off, could you live on $4,000 a month? I would think so.  Imagine $5,000/month or $8,000 or more....the power rests with you and how you start your business and work it.
join jr watkins home business consultant dealer associate rep distributor make money for retirement

Now, you may say "I want to retire...not work!" Sure, not a problem. Start the business now, build it. As it generates your income and you build your team you will be paid on team sales and not need to do as many direct sales. Plus, like other top leaders who are 'retired' you can hire someone to do your day-to-day admin tasks, freeing you up to relax and travel!

Learn more about the J.R Watkins here and sign up as a consultant today for only $29.95 (no autoshipments)...

Free Gift Certificate Offer - June 2017 Only!


FREE Gift Certificate Offer - June 2017

When you join my team this month (June 2017) and place a qualifying order of $150 you will get a free $10 Gift certificate from me in July! This offer is available to my entire downline team, so when you join, if you know someone who wishes to join up, they can sign up under you and if they also place a qualifying order of $150 this month (June 2017) they too will get a $10 Gift Certificate from me in July!

Learn more about the specials and deals you get when you sign up as a J.R Watkins consultant....


join watkins free vacation to costa rica and free gift certiifcate offer

Win Free Vacations with a Watkins Business!


Tried and tested products with a strong history since 1868, JR Watkins not only has great products and a great business model, they also reward consultants who qualify with a free vacation each year!

Known as the Performance Rewards Points (PRP) Program, consultants must meet a few requirements over the course of the year and if they qualify, they can earn a trip for 1 or 2 to all inclusive destinations inclusing airfare.

Past destinations included Ireland, Spain, Hawaii, Mexico, St. Maarten and many more! With tons of fun to do and the opportunity to meet other leaders and consultants, the trip is a chance to realx and enjoy yourself. Unlike other business trips, there are no 'agendas' or business  meetings you must attend. Your time is your time. Go on excursions, do some sight-seeing, spend time alone or with the group - it's totally up to you!

If you don't like to travel, that's fine - you can take away a cash bonus instead of $250 or$500.

Last year's earners (2016) went to Cabo San Lucas this past April. Check out the video to see photos from the trip!

Next year we are going to Costa Rica! Learn more about the Watkins Business today

J.R Watkins Spices Ready to Order!


J.R Watkins spices and home business

April 3, 2017

J.R Watkins Spices Ready to Order Canada & USA!

You've been waiting and the wait is over! You can now order the popular spices in Canada and the USA. Most are ready for order now, some more will be introduced soon. The spices will come in the larger size and priced at a great low price. Get the quality you expect from Watkins and the prices you love!

Order your J.R Watkins Spices now by going to Gourmet above! Don't forget to check what's on sale this month too by looking at the Special Offers tab!

Interested in the J.R Watkins business? With no auto-shipments or monthly quotas, you can even join just to get a discount on your personal purchases! For only $29.95 it's a heck of a deal! Learn more about the Watkins home business here...

March 2017 Free Gift Certificate When you Join J.R Watkins Business


start watkins business and get free $30 Gift Certificate March 2017 only

Join Watkins Today and Start Your Own Business

When you join in March 2017 you will receive a $30 Gift Certificate from Watkins (arrives by post in a couple of weeks.)

Regular membership is just $29.95 and you have no auto-shipments or monthly min orders to stay active. This is a flexible business designed to work with your schedule. Free e-consultant site so customers can order from you, free business prospecting site to build a team if you wish. Plus enjoy access to our regular training site, Timeless Integrity where you will find many articles, past webinars and videos from top leaders and tips on how they have succeeded. Join our monthly webinar if you have time or watch it later.

Members of Tamara Laschinsky's team also get a free listing on our team website so local customers can find you. You also are welcome to join the Advanced Training Group (free) where I post various topics and other members of our team are also there to share advice, ask questions and learn from one another!

Click here to join Watkins today or feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

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New February 2017 Contest


February 2017 Contest!

Offered ONLY to members of my team. I am holding a contest that is available to all members current and new, for the month of February! Details are on my Advanced Training Program (a free program my team is welcome to join, it is on Google). It is here you can comment to enter and then begin to work on the qualifications until the end of the month.

It's available to you, your team and anyone you sign up, so  long as they enter through the Advanced Training Program so I can keep track of them and of course, you are part of Tamara Laschinsky's team, #378193. Sign up here now: http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

Happy February!

#Contests #February #Challenge #Business

What You Get With a Watkins Membership


Have you been wondering what you get with a Watkins membership?

When you join Watkins and start your business for $29.95 you get the following:

  • Free e-consultant website ( like this one to send customers to)
  • Free business website to explain the business (see mine here)
  • Free business directory listing (to help local customers find you - available only to members of my team if you join under myself or someone on my team)
  • Training with Timeless Integrity with many articles, webinars and incentives like gift certificate giveaways, contests and more!
  • Invitation to join my Advanced Training Program (Free and available only to members of my team if you join under myself or someone on my team)
  • Eligible to win a trip for 1 or 2 with our Performance Rewards Program (usually an all inclusive resort with airfare included, learn more here)
  • Earn up to 47% profit on your sales and 5-10% on team's sales on average
  • Enjoy discounts on personal purchases
  • Free S&H on orders over $100, no auto shipments and total flexibility. No pressure. Sell how you want, when you want. A Watkins home business is designed to work with your schedule.

    To learn more or get started today as a Watkins Business Consultant click here....

Find Your Watkins Sponsor and Fast Start Your Home Business


Are you ready to get your Watkins Home Business started?

First, you need  a sponsor. Any Watkins consultant can sponsor another consultant, so what should you look for in a sponsor? Contrary to popular belief, your sponsor does not have to be local. Many consultants make this mistake. The most important characteristics to look for in your sponsor is:

  1. Committment - Are they dedicated to what they do and willing to help you reach your goals and work with you. Yes - we have our training site - Timeless Integrity, but you will also want some 1 on 1 help if you are serious about your business. This is where you sponsor comes in, are they going to be there for you and willing to work with you. Do they do this casually, part-time or is this their full-time gig? All questions you need to ask when checking out who the best fit is for your sponsor.
  2. Knowledge - How long have they been with the business and how involved are they. Even if they are new that is totally fine. We all start somewhere. Do they have a strong upline and do they seem willing to get answers and do they appear to already know quite a bit. Some sponsors like to just defer their downline to their upline without even wanting to know what those answers were..you want someone who is intersted and involved because that is someone who wants to also be successful!
  3. Successful - Are they successful? Success is defined by many methods, not just money alone. How are they doing in the business, have they met their goals, what are their goals. Perhaps it was to stay at home with their family or earn some p/t income. Or maybe they are retired and wanted a hobby. Have they received some achievement rewards and recognitions from Watkins for performance since they joined? Have they learned new skills since becoming an entrepreneur? These are all successes! A successful person will understand this and recognize it and be able to answer this question for you if you ask them if they have been successful with the business and how!


What can I offer you? I've been with Watkins at this point for almost 10 years. In the beginning, I was only in it part-time, more as a hobby really. But then I saw potential and I decided to give it a go. I started building some websites and doing some advertising. I created a website to help my team advertise locally. It's a free listing for all my team members and their downline and a committment I make to my team to help them grow their business. I later created the Advanced Training Program, a place where I write about business tips and ideas as well as encourage members to share their success stories and ask questions. I work with my team one on one to help those who want the help to reach their goals and advance to Manager and above because it's  not that hard and the rewards are wonderful! The work/life balance and freedom plus the ability to earn the free trip each year which I've been fortunate to go on a few trips so far, motivates me to help others do the same.

This business is more 'business coaching' for me now and I work full time at it. Not because I have to, but because I want to. I spent my extra time coming up with ways to help with advertising and articles to write in our Advanced Training Program. A Watkins business is flexilble and easy with no autoshipments or crazy business. You work at your own pace with many methods available to fit your shedule. To begin today, click on the link above and get started! I'll be in touch within a day or so after your enrolment processes but you can contact me anytime with questions! 

New Natural and Pure Extracts from J.R Watkins


Natural and Pure Extracts from J.R Watkins

Only the finest extracts with pure and quality ingredients. No GMO ingredients here. Our Pure and Natural extracts are top quality and will give you the finest flavor and quality you have come to trust and love in the J.R Watkin name! Choose from a great variety and use them in your baking, cooking, drinks and smoothies!

natural and pure extracts from J.R Watkins


New Holiday Items Limited Quantity J.R Watkins


New Holiday Items Limited Quantity J.R Watkins

j r watkins limited holiday items canada usa
Last year the candles sold out in 10 days! We have the limited quantity items in stock right now in 2 great scents: Fresh Ginger and Vanilla Mint! They aren't shown on the tabs yet but you can find them using the product codes below and enter them in the search box above!

#23041, Liquid Hand Soap (11 fl oz/325 mL), $4.99 US/$5.79 CDN
#20630, Foaming Hand Soap (9 fl oz/266 mL), $4.99 US/$5.99 CDN
#10561, Soy Wax Candle (5.5 oz/155 g), $6.99 US/$7.99 CDN
#26736, Room Freshener, US Only (6 fl oz/177 mL), $3.99

#23040, Liquid Hand Soap (11 fl oz/325 mL), $4.99 US/$5.79 CDN
#20629, Foaming Hand Soap (9 fl oz/266 mL), $4.99 US/$5.99 CDN
#10560, Soy Wax Candle (5.5 oz/155 g), $6.99 US/$7.99 CDN
#26735, Room Freshener, US Only (6 fl oz/177 mL), $3.99

Get a discount! Join as a J.R Watkins consultant! Simply click on Sign In/Create Account in top right corner and then choose to join as a consultant (make sure you have choosen the flag of your country before clicking on Sign in). Be sure you have me as your sponsor (ID#378193) and this way, you will get the November special which is a free $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE (emailed to you about 2 weeks after you join!) This offer is through my upline, not through Watkins. Fill out the form, get your ID# and password and go shopping with your new ID# and discount. Discount will show up once you go to checkout.

J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - USA


J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - USA

Download our J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - USA here and clicking on the USA Catalogue tab. You can download the 2 page flyer and print it out or email it to friends and family. You can also click the USA flag above and then click on Monthly specials to see what's on sale this month!

This is our busiest month of the year and we have some amazing items on sale, including extracts just in time for holiday baking!

J R Watkins USA catalogue flyer monthly specials november 2016

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J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - Canada


J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - Canada

Download our J.R Watkins November Specials Flyer - Canada here and clicking on the Canada Catalogue tab. You can download the 2 page flyer and print it out or email it to friends and family. You can also click the Canada flag above and then click on Monthly specials to see what's on sale this month!

This is our busiest month of the year and we have some amazing items on sale, including extracts just in time for holiday baking!

J r watkins canada flyer catalogue november 2016

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J.R Watkins Liquid Hand Soap White Tea and Bamboo (USA Only)


J.R Watkins Liquid Hand Soap: Bamboo and White Tea (USA Only)

Premium natural ingredients in this incredible formula will leave your hardworking hands smooth and smelling fresh and clean! See why our customers give it a 5-stay rating and best of all, it's on sale this month!

j r watkns liquid hand soap white tea bamboo hand soap


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Start a Watkins Home Business - Canada          Start A Watkins Home Business - USA


J.R Watkins Products - Toilet Bowl Cleaner


J.R Watkins Products: Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Best Selling Product!

When you say Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner ever - you think J.R Watkins! Seriously! If you have hard water problems and water with high rust content that lead to embarrassing stains that will not come out, you NEED this product!

If you think your toilet bowl will never again be white and clean think again. Watkins is well known for this toilet bowl cleanser and our customers stand behind it 100 as does the company! It cleans, it deodorizes, it's safe for your septic tank and a great disinfectant! It is very powerful and should be used on vitreous china only.

j r watkins toilet bowl cleaner


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Become a Watkins Consultant in Canada    Become a Watkins Consultant in the USA

J.R Watkins Featured Products: Pure Ground Black Pepper


J. R Watkins Pure Ground Black Pepper

Have you tried the J.R Watkins Pure Ground Black Pepper? We are talking quality and taste like you have never had before! Even if you are not a major connissouer of pepper, you are going to be pleasantly pleased with the amazing flavor this pepper will add to your favorite dish! See the difference Watkins pepper adds to your food and you will understand why so many customers won't settle for anything less! Available in both USA and Canada.

J.R Watkins Pure Ground Black Pepper

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Start Your Own J.R Watkins Business in Canada     Start Your Own J.R Watkins Business in the USA

J.R Watkins Products Medicated Camphor Ointment


J.R Watkins Products: Natural Medicated Camphor Ointment

By far one of Watkins' most popular and sought after products! Well recognized by many generations, this camphor medicated rub has been used in families in many household to treat many congested lungs and ease stuffiness. Rub some chest and throat and on your feet and cover with socks for good night's sleep. Did you also know this ointment is also great to help with temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis and rheumatic illness and backaches, sprains and strains, lumbago and bruises?

Truly and must-have for your medicine cabinet!

(Available only in Canada.)

J R Watkins Medicated Ointment Camphor (Canada)

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Become a Watkins Consultant in Canada        Become a Watkins Consultant in the USA


J.R Watkins Products (Canada) Body Butter


J.R Watkins Products (Canada) Body Butter

Hydrate your body and awaken your senses with this amazing body body and combination of lavender and roman chamomile!

Shea and cocoa butters are mixed to give you long-lasting hydration and anti-oxidant rich plant oils will protect your skin.

JR  Watkins Body Butter Canada

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J.R Watkins Products (USA) Anti-Aging Body Serum


JR Watkins Products USA Anti Aging Body Serum

Concentrated skin nourishment for natural softness and feeling for your skin! Apply to damp skin after cleansing. Containing cold-pressed grapeseed oil rich in Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant and helps protect and nourish all types of skin.

It also contains cold-pressed Blackberry seed oil, rich in Vitamin C, another rich antioxidant.

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J.R Watkins Sale October 2016 (Canada): Pain Red Relieving Liniment


October 2016J.R Watkins Sale (Canada): Red Liniment Pain Relieving Liniment

1868 - The very first product produced and offered by J.R Watkins! This natural pain relieving product has been updated to remove all traces of artificial red coloring. Fast absorbing and containing all natural camphor and red pepper  extract to stimulate nerve receptors. Great to relieve minor muscle aches, soreness and stiffness.

            * Absorbs quickly for fast relief
            * Red Pepper Extract makes this a hot formula - pat, don't rub!
            * Eco-friendly formula and packaging


jr watkins red liniment pain relieving

J.R Watkins Sale October 2016 (USA): Travel Kit Coconut Honey


Keep your skin soft and clean with this great on the go travel kit! Also makes a great gift idea!

This kit includes

* Ultra moisturizing lip balm .15oz
* Hand Cream .7oz
* Hand & Body Lotion 1 oz
* Bod Wash 1 oz
* Hand Soap 1 oz

jr watkins october 2016 sale usa travel kit coconut honey gift set

Start A Retirement Investment Today With J.R Watkins!


J.R Watkins Business Opportunity

Thinking of starting a business? Consider joining Watkins and starting a business with almost 150 years of business under it's belt! Integrity and loyalty, J.R Watkins is well known across North America and is a name customers have come to know and trust!

Not only do they have a good compensation plan and good quality products at reasonable prices, you also have perks like the Performance Rewards Program where you can earn a trip for one or two each year!

Learn more at my informational website at http://www.WhyNotNorthAmerica.com and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

I've been doing this almost 10 years now and it's the best decision I ever made. Not a day goes by I don't give thanks to my mother for suggesting I choose this as my part-time job while on maternity leave...I never realized it would become my retirement investment!

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J.R Watkins Sale October 2016: Pumpkin Spice (USA)


October 14, 2016

J.R Watkins Sale: Pumpkin Spice (USA)

Getting Reading for Thanksgiving next month? I know it's a month away but believe me...some items sell out quickly! Besides, this is a great item to have on hand all year round if you love Pumpkin Spice! Sure you can use it for your Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Cake or Pumpkin Cheesecake...but think outside the box...Pumpkin latte..pumpkin tea...deelicious!

This month all extracts are 10% off!

jr watkins october 2016 sale usa pumpkin spice

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J.R Watkins Sale October 2016: Cinnamon (Canada)


October 14, 2016

J.R Watkins Sale Items in Canada: Cinnamon

Finest cassia cinnamon has been well known to Watkins and our customers for over 100 years! High-oil Korintje cassia has the best quality and finest flavor you will ever taste with double the flavor of the common Ceylon varieties. Great on cereal, yogurt, in tea and other beverages, in smooties, on pancakes and french toasts, in baking and cooking, on toast...the list goes on!

There are also medicinal claims ranging from antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory benefits, diabetes benefits, balancing blood sugar levels and aiding digestion, to name a few. History had already made claims of practitioners using cinnamon to treat ailments of sore throats and infections and other dis-ease.

j r watkins cinnamon sale canada

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October News: Sales, Specials & Promotions


October 12, 2016

Watkins October Sales, Specials & Promotions

We are now entering our busy season! Holidays, baking, cooing, gift-giving, trade shows and markets. It's a great time for customers and consultants alike! Below are some quick snapshots of the specials for Canadian and USA customers but you can find the entire selection on the J R Watkins link above under Monthly Specials.... 
Choose the country you are in and then on the top right, create an account under My Account and begin shopping! Orders of $100 or  more ship for free!

We also have a great special on right now for NEW Watkins Consultants...all new consultants who join in October 2016 under me (that is, join with me, Tamara Laschinsky ID# 378193 as your Watkins sponsor) and you will get a $20 Gift Certificate! Simply click on My Account on top right corner after choosing your country and create your consultant account to join us!

Watkins october specials shopping online

Watkins USA monthly specials october 2016


J.R Watkins August Specials - Canada & USA


The time is now! So many of the top sellers are on SALE this month! Stock up for yourself or consider joining and stocking up for the very busy fall market seasons!

Check out what's on sale by visiting the website and going under Monthly Specials above!

JR Watkins Canada Specials August


JR Watkins USA Specials August

Want to start your own Watkins business and save even more PLUS make some money? Get started and join at RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

Free All Inclusive Vacation With J.R Watkins


Did you know Watkins offers free all inclusive vacations to consultants who meet the requirements each year? A week of relaxation, everything included, including airfare! The next trip is to Cabos San Lucas and it's not too late to qualify! Learn more in my blog post here...
free vacation trip with j.R Watkins cabos san lucas mexico

Selling J.R Watkins at Booths and Markets


Are you looking to start up some booth sales and sell some J.R Watkins products?

Once you are set up it's quite simple and lots of fun! But it takes some thought to getting set up and creating an attractive and profitable booth! Learn from our experts, consultants who have been doing booth sales for years and are willing to share their stories with you so you can learn and create successful booth and market events!

All part of the free training you get when you join J.R Watkins as a consultant! Learn more today at http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

J.R Watkins booth sales sell at markets

J.R Watkins Medicated Ointment


Did you grow up with that 'GREEN TIN' in your medicine cabinet? Or did you see it often at your Grandmother's house? I grew up with it and when you had a cold...it was your Go-To all the time! It was one of the main things I knew Watkins for, the Medicated ointment.

Over the years I found out Watkins was more than just the medicated ointment! From the extracts and spices to cleaning products and other rememdies and now, the personal care line. But I still have an always will have, that green tin of ointment in my medicine cabinet (or 2 or 3!)

I've also learned from other customers that it's great for soothing skin and the best application I've heard so far, because I know it affects so many people is it can help your arthritis inflammation!

So check it out this month, look under Monthly Specials and get it at a special sale price! Stock up because you know this is one product that never goes out of style!

J.R Watkins Cinnamon


I can't remember my first experience with Watkins Cinnamon, but I can say I can't ever remember not having it in our pantry! There are some things in life you just grow up with, Cinnamon from Watkins was one of those things for me. I never realized how good it really was until I tried something different. Night and Day!

Watkins Cinnamon is so sweet and smooth, it just has that taste that compliments everything and is not overpoweirng. I can use it to replace sugar in instances like my oatmeal! It brings such flavor to the dish and best of all, it's good for you!

Needless to say, my love for one spice prompted me to try others and Watkins does not fail to satisfy! I understand now why so many customers will travel miles to find a consultant or why customers will come up to my table and buy dozens of cans in one shot! It's something you just don't want to run out of - ever!

J.R Watkins Home Business - Best Decision of My Life


March 12, 2016

10 years ago I was looking for a home business to start. I was on materntity leave and wanted to do something on the side. Partly for money but mostly for something to do. I joined Watkins after my mother told me her and her friends no longer had a consultant in their area.

So I joined up and did a few sales. Nothing major and I loved the Watkins was flexible. I was under no pressure to produce sales, no auto shipments, no silly business. It worked very well with my schedule!

Then, about 9 months later, I started to get more serious with the business. I began to put some effort in and work it more. I great my customer base and began building a team. Eventually I decided to focus more on building a team and then helping my consultants to build their businesses.

It took time and effort but it paid off! Like any business what you put in you get back out and I am so happy to say that I now work at home F/T and can honestly say starting a Watkins business was one of the best decisions I ever made!

I have a stable business and steady income the has survived recent economic downturns. The business has sent me on trips I have earned through the Performance Rewards Program. Being a consultant has allowed me to create a great work/life balance at home and I create my own hours and vacation time which works out great for taking vacations with the family. Plus, it's a great retirement plan. Though I still have some years to go...I know that while others will be collecting pension as they retire and living on a fixed budget...I will be earning income and that number only increases with each year I work with this business.

I am truly thankful for my mom for suggesting getting started with this business. It has changed my life in the best way possible! If you are looking to get started, take the tour at our training website http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193  and see if a J.R Watkins Home Business is right for you!

FREE $20 Gift Certificate When you Join Watkins - March 2016


March 1, 2016

Join Watkins this month, March 2016, and receive a FREE $20 Gift Certificate from J.R Watkins! Such a great deal. Electronic membership is only $19.95 and then a free gift certificate too? Sweet deal!

Plus there are some amazing new products available now and some coming later in the year AND you can also start earning points towards an all inclusive trip to Cabo San Lucas! There are many great reasons to join Watkins, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email Info@NaturalProdutsOnline.ca or phone me at 403.998.8597. I'll be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you have!

Join Watkins Home Business Free Gift Certificate

Go to our training site, Timeless Integrity, to learn more and sign up when you are ready: http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

Canada - Watkins Bug Spray and Lotion on Sale Now!


Watkins Bug Spray & Lotion

Such a popular product, well it's back and in full stock so get yours now! A couple years ago Watkins totally ran out of the supply and while they make every effort to keep it in stock, sometimes demand is HUGE! Especially with the fear of the Zika virus and people who are travelling to warmer climates.

So stock up on your Watkins insect spray and lotion, there are different concentrations of DEET including one for children. Please remember to use it sparingly and when possible, wear long pants and sleeves as your first defence (spraying the product on top of the clothing!) DEET is extremley effective.

Watkins January Online Specials - USA Products


Look under Monthly Specials to see what J.R Watkins products are on sale this month!

January USA Watkins Specials Online

New Low Membership Fee to Join Watkins!


Low membership fee to start Watkins business

Go to http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193  to learn more and sign up today!

About the J.R Watkins Home Business


December 21, 2015

There are many things to consider when starting a home business and I am happy to help you with your questions. I've been an Indep. J.R Watkins consultant for almost 10 years now and I'm happy to say it's successful and I love what I do!

I manage a team of over 300 consultants who are from Canada and the USA and my business has been growing year after year. The J.R Watkins business was the right choice for me and fit my lifestyle nicely. I plan on it being my retirement package.

The business has also earned me a couple of trips, the last one was to Cancun and was very enjoyable. I was recently interviewed and share some backstory on how I got started, feel free to check out the video here....

Tamara Laschinsky Indep Watkins Consultant Interview on Home Business

J.R Watkins December Holiday Specials


Looking for some GREAT holiday shopping specials and deals?

Look no further - we have them here! Look under Special Offers above to see what's on sale today! Make sure you choose the flag to represent the company you are in to see the specials for your country!


JR Watkins USA December Holiday Shopping Online Sales

JR Watkins Canada December Holiday Shopping Online Sales

Thinking about making some extra money this holiday season? Why not start your own J.R Watkins Home Business? Flexible hours and no comittments or pressures, a Watkins home business fits in any lifestyle! Part-time, full-time, extra money or even saving up for retirement - the choice is yours! AND - for the month of December 2015, electronic sign-up is 1/2 price off, only $19.95 to become a Watkins consultant!  Visit our training website for more information here.....

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! Email info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca today!

Join Watkins Business in August 2015: Free $20 Gift Certificate!


August 2015

New Consultants who join the Watkins business in August 2015 will recieve a free $20 J.R Watkins gift certificate! So if you have been thinking of starting your own Watkins home business...now is a great time! Among many perks, you also have access to fun photos like this one to help you share the business and generate sales and inform others of the business!

start Watkins home business Canada USA

What else do you get? Access to our training site and one on one support with your sponsor and their upline. If you join my team you get a free listing on our team website GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca where local customers can find you!

You get the free $20 Gift Certificate if you join this month plus I also often do my own contests, like the one I've been running lately - offering another $20 Gift Certificate to those on my team who have sales of $500 or more each month.

You earn discounts on your own purchases, earn comissions from sales and earn points towards a grand prize trip (Last year was Cancun, Mexico and it was awesome! All expenses, including travel were paid for!)

The signup fee is only $19.95...reduced from the normal $39.95 for this year. And best of of all - no quotas or hidden fees. It's very flexible, meant to work with you and your schedule!

Learn more at http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193 or email me at Info@GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca for more information!

NEW! Watkins 'Starter Kits'!


My team has been asking for quite some time about 'starter' kits. Watkins used to have some kits awhile back ( like the Watkinize Your Home Kit) but discontinued them due to issues with keeping items in stock to fulfill the orders at times. So to avoid disappointment they decided not to do the starter kits anymore.

It's taken me some time, but I've worked on creating some starter kits that are based on the type of venue you wish to do and to fit your budget. They are not set in stone, they are suggestions and you can totally modify them however you want!

watkinize your home watkins starter kit suggestions

These PDF documents show the item # for quick ordering as well as the regular product price, your price, your savings and what the entire order cost will be to you. It also calculates the # of products so you have a good idea of how many items you'll have to display at your venue!

This is not a program offered by Watkins, it's something I have done on my own and something I offer exclusively to those who are on my team and are part of my entire downline (that means anyone I've sponsored, and they've sponsored and so on.)

So join the team and get these tools and more to help you maximize success with your Watkins business today!  Join up at http://www.RespectedHomeBusiness.com/378193

JR Watkins 2016 Grand Prize Getaway Trip Announced


Want to earn a free trip? Watkins just announced their destination for the Grand Prize trip!

Just North of Puerto Vallerta, Mexico...enjoy 6 days of luxury at the all inclusive resort featuring lots of swimming pools, swim up bars, activities, room service and plenty of time to relax too! Airfare, gratuities and transfers - all included!

JR Watkins grand prize trip getaway 2016

Sign up today, get your business started and start earning points for this trip. Click on Sign In/Create an Account (top right) after choosing flag that represents your country. Sign up as a consultant and I'll be here to coach you whenever you need it!

Questions? Email me! Info@GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca!



JR Watkins Business Only $19.95 - 2015


JR Watkins home business opportunity deals specials Canada USA

Watkins has EXTENDED their signup deal and you can become a consultant now for only $19.95!

You can learn more about the business at my informational website here..

You can do home parties or trade shows, sell to family and friends, or just get a discount yourself. Feel free to sponsor other consultants and expand your territory to anwhere in Canada and the USA! It's a big playing field with TONS of opportunity with a company that has been in business and trusted by customers and consultants for over 140 years!

Start a Watkins Home Business for Only $19.95!


2014 Special for New Watkins Consultants

Have you been wanting to start your own Watkins home business and make some extra money? The sign up fee, regularly $39.95 was always a great deal but now it's even better! Watkins has reduced the signup fee to only $19.95 when you choose the digital signup option!

JR Watkins home business opportunity sign up as consultant

There are no monthly comittments or quotas to fill and you can sell and recruit in Canada and the USA! Watkins is a trusted household name and has a wide variety of top quality products. Plus, this is the start of the busy season with all the baking and cooking and gifting, so sign up today and get started!

When you join you get a FREE sponsoring website to help you recruit new consultants plus a FREE website listing on our team website which helps local customers find you! You also have tons of training available to you from our training website, Timeless Integrity (formerly known as The Summit Group) and you can reach out to myself and my upline anytime!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Helping others make their busienss grow is what I do and I'm happy to help! You can phone me at 403.998.8597 or email me at info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca  If you are ready to join as a Watkins consultant today, start here...

Start Your Watkins Home Business Today and Shop Online


Looking for a low-investment business you can start that is flexible, has no minimum quotas or monthly requirement costs? You've found it! JR Watkins has been around since 1868, surviving depressions and recessions and never failing to keep their customers and consultants happy!

The JR Watkins membership fee is $39.95/year. (Or $19.95 for digital signup during the month of September!)  Depending on your sales, you can earn up to an additional 14.5% profit plus earn bonuses. Sell directly to customers all across Canada and the USA, build a team or even just buy for yourself, family & friends! (Orders over $100 Ship for FREE!)

This is one of the easiest home businesses to start and more and more people are joining to day for a variety of reasons:

  • To supplement their income
  • To have a hobby during retirmement or maternity leave
  • To teach their kids about business
  • To have a backup plan for their retirement
  • To do this as their full-time job and maintain flexible hours and holiday times

The choice is yours! Join with me today and you will get access to Timeless Integrity (free membership), a free listing on our national team website GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca ranked in the top #3 searches when customers are looking for local reps and as much coaching as  you want from myself and our whole upline!

I've been with Watkins since 2007 and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! I started slow, more like a hobby and eventually grew my business nationally, meeting so many people along the way and earning so many things, like Performance rewards points along with great bonuses and even being eligible for the annual trips!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask: info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca  or click on Sign in/Create Account on the top right and then Join as a Consultant. Look forward to having you on our team!

Get a Watkins Sales Catalogue


Are you looking for a Watkins Sales Catalouge? You can download one from my website at NaturalProductsOnline.ca. Scroll down the page once there and you will see the sales flyer for Canada and one for the USA.


Download JR Watkins Sales Catalogue

Click on the image to download the PDF catalogue. It should open in a new window and uses Adobe to open the PDF. To see the sales prices online you must be signed into your account.

Placing Your Watkins Order

When you go to order, remember to sign in with your account ID# so you can track your order. If you don't have an account ID#, set one up by clicking on Sign In/Create Account (top of page) or by telling customer service you'd like to set one up if you are phoning your order in.

If you are phoning your order in you can let customer service know that consultant #378193 referred you.

JR Watkins May 2014 Sales & Specials Flyer


Check out what's on Sale this month at JR Watkins! (note - you have to be signed in to see the specials. Just click on Create Account/Sign In on the top left to begin.)  If you want to download the PDF version of the JR Watkins catalogue for Canada or USA go to http://www.NaturalProductsOnline.ca

JR Watkins Sales and Specials May 2014 page 1

JR Watkins Sales and Specials May 2014 page 2

JR Watkins Sales and Specials May 2014 page 3

JR Watkins Sales and Specials May 2014 page 4

April Specials & Newsletter


Watkins april newsletter and specials recipes and home business opporutnity

Watkins april newsletter and specials recipes and home business opporutnity

Watkins april newsletter and specials recipes and home business opporutnity

Watkins april newsletter and specials recipes and home business opporutnity

Watkins april newsletter and specials recipes and home business opporutnity

JR Watkins February 2014 Sales & Specials


Check out what's on sale this month at JR Watkins!  Remember, members get 25%-39% off retail price - email me for more information! info@GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca


JR Watkins February Sales page 1

JR Watkins February Sales page 2

JR Watkins February Sales page 3


Watkins January Sales & Specials


Watkins January Sales & Specials

Watkins January Sales & Specials

January sales and specials for JR Watkins

January sales and specials for JR Watkins


Check out these and more specials for JR Watkins products online!

Watkins October Holidays Sales and Shopping


Watkins October Holidays Sales and Shopping

Welcome to September 2013 and JR Watkins!


Hopefully you have had a great summer and are having a nice fall season. Harvests are coming off the fields and it's time to pickle and preserve your fruits and veggies and Watkis has the spices you need! Plus start browsing our site for some limited edition picks that always come with the holiday season!


New products - Guacamole Seasoning Dip Mixnew watkins guacomole snack dip mix

This yummy mix is easy to make and oh so tasty! 

Check it out here: http://www.jrwatkins.com/products/a8bf2fbc-81ff-4d2a-9b12-5ea7ce989ec3/

Watkins August Specials


Watkins August Specials are here and the baking season is fast-approaching. Browse under SHOP WITH US on the left top side of the page to see our categories and find all of your favorite Watkins products!

Watkins August Specials

JR Watkins Sales and Specials - July 2013


There are always some wonderful sales & specials going on at JR Watkins! For July 2013 you can browse our online store (click under 'Shop With Us') and on the left side of the page see what 'On Sale' for each category!  You can get some pretty great deals on your favorite items!

If your favorite items aren't on sale, you can always email me and ask to join the monthly newsletter that I send out each month. I mention sales and promotions so that you don't miss them!

Want to know something else? Watkins has a DOUBLE SALES promotion that goes on everything month between the 25th and 5th of each month - where you can get access to the sales for BOTH months! You do have to be a consultant to access this special BUT - since a consultant memebership is only $39.95 and it also gives you 25% off your purchases - this type of membership makes sense! (no quotas or min order requirements, just lots of savings!)

So if you want to know more, email me  or visit my website at http://www.WhyNotNorthAmerica.com.   If you want to sign up right away as a consultant, call Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 and give them my Id# as your sponsor and we'll get you started!

Watkins Maple Extract


Did you know you can make your own maple flavored syrup with Watkins Maple Extract? Follow this recipe for a yummy syrup great on pancakes, ice cream and other sweet dishes!

Simple Syrup Recipe

  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Watkins Imitation Maple Extract


Bring water to a boil in saucepan and add sugar. Cook and stir over medium heat until sugar disolves. Remove from heat and add in extract. Serve warm.

Makes 2 cups of syrup!

You can use the extract in baking as well for the good ol' Maple flavor!  Enjoy!

Happy 4th of July Weekend!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful and festive July 4th weekend and enjoying some good times with friends and family. In Canada here we just celebrated our July 1st long weekend and the weather co-operated which made for some great times!

Don't forget to practice some outdoor safety tips though:

1. Keep Hydrated. This doesn't mean drink only when you are thirsty and if you are consuming alcoholic beverages, be sure to pace yourself and have water in between each new glass

2. Cover your head and avoid sunstroke

3. Wear sunscreen and re-apply often.  Even on cloudy days the UV gets through. If you are getting red, put on a cover-up. Good advice to take a cover up if attending parades or outdoor events

4. Bug spray - apply as needed. Pesky mosquitos don't make for fun, nor does scratching at the bites later! Try Watkins bite balm to relieve itching or the good ol' Petro Carbo Tin. You can also use Lemon lotion or peppermint as mosquitoes really don't like lemon or peppermint scent!


Watkins Getaway Vacation for 2013 to Top Earners


It's just been announced! This years getaway vacation is set to go to the tropical isle of St. Martin in the Carribean! 4 nights lodging, this beautiful destinaation is one to strive for!

This is all part of the Watkins Performance Rewards Program (Like an AirMiles or Aeroplan) where Watkins consultants earn points each month and can redeem for items like electronics, kitchenware and travel!

The program is just one of many perks to being a Watkins consultant so sign up today and get started! With all the new products coming on board, the busy summer season here and the super busy holiday season fast approaching - this is a great time to get going!

To sign up - phone Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 and say you wish to join as a consultant. You need a sponsor and my ID# is 378193. If you have any questions - let me  know!

JR Watkins Set to Expand - Need More Consultants


With the new website getting fixed up and new products coming on board, there is even greater news! Coming soon, in August of this year, Watkins will ship Canadian products from Canada from a Calgary distribution center.

Now is the time to get set up and established as a consultant in your area. The new products and fast ship times are going to help you get a fast start to launching your business.

Consultants will soon be able to sign up online again so watch for that new feature. If you want to know more about the business or the upcoming features, just email me at info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca or phone 403.998.8597.

If you would like to join my team and one of the fastest growing teams across North America - just call Watkins at 1.800.928.5467  and when they ask for your sponsor's ID#, give them 378193.

My business is in helping you run your business. I want you to succeed and have that life that you've always wanted. Years ago I dreamed of having real work life balance and now that I do, and I know it's possible, I want to help as many people as I can in doing the same.

Don't kid yourself - Watkins is a real business and it will take work from you to get it going. This is not some easy-get rich quick scheme (that's called a lottery ticket if you are so lucky to be a winner!). But you can succeed with a Watkins business and so much work has been done for you, it's a great investment for your future.

JR Watkins Herbal Vitamins & Supplements are Here!


Now is the time - with a wide range of supplements to choose from you can buy them directly from Watkins here or you can consider becoming a consultant to save on your purchases!

Monthly fee is only $39.95 and you would get 25% -39% off your purchases. Or you can choose to sell the supplements. Our cutomers have been waiting YEARS for these supplements and they are off to a rockin start!   Watkins vitamins supplements healthy canada usa

Limited Time Offer - Potato Salad Seasoning Mix (Canada Only)


Limited time offer, will not last long!    


potato salad seasoning mix from Wtkins

Order here: https://www.jrwatkins.com/products/c734ed0d-ce68-4db6-8508-46ee184516ca/


Or by phoning Watkins at 1.800.928.5467. Be sure to give my consultant ID# as reference so I can enter you in my contest (giving away 1 of 5 gift  certificates at end of month PLUS a Watkins gift basket!)

Starting Your Retirement Business Now With JR Watkins


No matter what phase you are in your life right now, you can start up a businesss with JR Watkins to plan for your future. It's easy as 1-2-3!  The whole business model is designed to suit various lifestyles so whether you are working full-time, working part-time, a stay at home parent or even already retired, you can start your own Watkins business and run it however works best for you!

No quotas to fill, no comitmments - and best of all, you are representing a company that's been around over 140 years and is well known for trusted customer service!

Step 1: Call 1.800.928.5467  and say you wish to join as a consultant. Give them my ID# 378193 as your sponsor's ID#.

Step 2: Order any product(s) or assortments that you may want to get. If you don't want anything yet, no worries, just get the basic membership ($39.95) and you are good to go.

Step 3: You are now a Watkins consultant and can start your business anytime. Order for yourself, for friends or begin growing your business - you decide. No matter your decision, I am here every step of the way and will be here to help you anytime!

So call them now and start your JR Watkins Business today 1.800.928.5467!

Watkins Garlic & Dill Dip


Absolutley tasty and versatile you can add this to sour cream for a great veggie or chip dip or even into some cream cheese for a spread!

This dip mix is one of the favorites that my family and friends come to expect when they come over for dinner! If I don't have some out on the counter for everyone to snack on they are wondering if I forgot to make it!

Buy yours today and don't forget to stock up - not only will you need more -  you can likely sell a couple of jars too!

What is Your Favorite Watkins Product?


Did you grow up with Watkins in your pantry or medicine cabinet like I did? Or did you just recentl come across one of their lines through a referral from a friend?

JR Watkins Contest - 1 of 5 Gift Certificates to Give Away!

I would love to hear your favorite Watkins products (and why). Or maybe it's a favorite recipe used with one of Watkins delicious extracts? (You can send photos of your receipes too, those are always tasty looking!)

Email your favorite products/recipe to me at Info@NaturalProductsOnline.ca and you will be entered to win 1 of 5 Gift Certificates for JR Watkins products!  Contest closes June 28th, 2013.

Watkins Vitamins & Supplements


Watkins Vitamins & Health Supplements

Well if you haven't heard by now, Watkins has finally launched their new line of vitamins and supplements! Both available in Canada and the USA we now offer a line of healthy options for good overall health, dietary health and bone & joint health.

Following the same quality you would expect in any Watkins products you can be sure these supplements are of the highest quality and backed by Watkins satisfaction guarantee.

Buyers Discount for Watkins Products

But wait - there's more! Many customers are taking these supplements regularly but they are paying full price. Why pay full price when you can pay less? Take out a Watkins membership and save at at 25% when you buy your supplements. Depending on how much you buy each month you can even get a rebate back! It just makes sense!

No comittments or quotas, you can even set up your supplments to ship as an auto ship so you don't run out (cancel anytime, no charges or extra fees to do so.)

Read more about the Watkins Vitamins & Supplements line here.... and when you are ready to be a consultant phone Watkins at 1.800.928.5467.You will need a sponsor and can give them my ID# and name (378193   Tamara Laschinsky.) Watkins can then help you place your first order. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Watkins or myself anytime!

Joining Up With JR Watkins Home Business


There are a few ways you can join JR Watkins home business. 

1. You can call Watkins directly at 1.800.928.5467 and tell them you wish to join as a consultant and they can get you started. They will ask you for a sponsor ID and you can give them mine (378193 - Tamara Laschinsky).

2. If you'd rather do the signup online you can do this through The Summit Groups Website at http://www.tsginfo.com/tm4996a  

You will eventually be able to join Watkins online through Watkins main website but with the new website change, it's not expected to roll out until around end of July.

Once you join up, you should receive an ID# in a day or two. With that ID# you can begin ordering and you  should get a welcome packet within a week or so introducing you to the business

Things have been a little crazy lately with the new website rollout. Usually, after you join I get an email notice and I email you within 24 hours. Because of these changes I have had no access to reports this month so I apologize for not reaching out.

Know this, if you join up using my sponsor #378193 you will be placed on my team and you can contact me via phone 403.998.8597 or email info@naturalproductsonline.ca with any questions you have and I can help you out.

This is an exciting time for Watkins but there are some fixes needed to the website, so if you have noticed those fixes, keep in mind they are happening and Watkins is setting itself to be stronger than ever. Their vitamin line is ready to ship and order and many other new products are on the horizon!


As always, I'm here anytime you have questions!

New Chicken and Beef Soup Bases from Watkins


Back in stock - the newly formulated chicken & beef soup bases and gravy mixes from Watkins! This #1 customer favorite is a classic addition to your pantry with with the taste that only Watkins can deliver! Stock up today and enjoy the wonderful taste as a soup or a gravy!


May Specials and Savings


May is just moving along and with it comes some great specials. Did you know that you can get double savings each month as a Watkins consultant? Yes, just one of many perks to being a Watkins consultant!

Double Sales and Great Deals With Watkins

Between the 25th and 5th of each month you can get the sales prices for both months! So if you buy quite often, you may want to consider that Watkins membership for only $39.95. Remember, no quotas or min order requirments, you can order as little or often as you want!

Watkins Website Still Under Construction

If you haven't noticed, Watkins is still trying to fix a few 'bugs' with their website. Please be patient and feel free to reach out to me if you are having a hard time ordering and/or signign up as a consultant. You can phone your orders in to Watkins directly at 1.800.928.5467  or sign up directly that way too. Remember to give them my ID# as reference # 378193 Tamara Laschinsky.


May Long Weekend and Specials


I hope everyone has a great May Long Weekend! Stay safe and enjoy some time with friends and family. Remember to stock up on your favorite Watkins products when you are camping. BBQ sauce and seasonings make camping and the outdoors even more special!

Vitamins are now available as are the soup bases. 


Have a great long May long weekend!




Watkins Soup Bases Back in Stock


Watkins Soup bases are back in stock! Use the search feature or look under the kitchen section to find the soup bases you have been waiting for! Now re-formulated, it's still a great taste and quality you've come to love with Watkins!

Cinnamon for Natural Home Healing Treatments


Using Cinnamon as a Natural Home Remedy Treatment

cinnamon as natural home remedy treatmentWhen you think of Cinnamon you like think of apple pies, ice cream and other yummy desserts. Did you know that Cinnamon is really healthy for you and is used as a treatment in many home remedies?

What is Cinnamon?

Cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree found in South Asia and the Middle East. You can either buy the cinnamon in sticks or ground up as a powder. There are two varieities: Ceylon and Cassia.

How is Cinnamon Healthy?

Cinnamon is high in anti-oxidants and the cinnamon oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is also high in manganese, fiber, calcium and iron!

You can use cinnamon for the following natural home remedy treatments:

  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Treat Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Help treat diarrhea and aid in digestion
  • Reduce arthritis pain
  • Improve memory and cognitive functions
  • Ease pain of toothaches, headaches and migraines
  • Treat bad breat
  • Cure common cold symptoms

Read more....

Finding a Local Watkins Consultant


While you can order JR Watkins products online and have them shipped to your door, I know that it's sometimes nice having a Watkins consultant in your local area to order from to. That's why I created the website GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca. This website lists local Waktins consultants in your area!

 How to Find A Local Watkins Consultant

When you go to GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca you can search by Country (Canada or USA) and then by Province or State. There you will see all the consultants on my team, listed alphabetically. Some will have their contact information listed (phone #, email, website etc) and others may have a private listing.

Those with private listings have chosen to not display their contact information the internet and instead, when you click on the contact link, it comes to me. From there I will pass along your information to that consultant.

No Watkins Consultant in My Area

Sometimes there is no consultant in your area, or, there may be consultants who only signed up for personal reasons and don't wish to do customer sales. In that event I recommend a couple of things:

1. You can look around at local markets in your area. Often there are Watkins consultants who set up tables to sell products.

2. You can order online directly at Watkins from this website or by phoning 1.800.928.5467. (You can give consultant ID#378193 as reference).

3. You can become a Watkins consultant to get a discount on your own purchases and save 25%-39%. The annual fee is $39.95 and you can choose to sell products as well if you wish. No min quotas or order requirements. Then you can opt to be listed on the GoGreenNorthAmerica.ca website so others in your area can order from you! (Listing is free.)  To do this call 1.800.928.5467, tell them you wish to join as a consultant and give them  my ID# as your sponsor (it's 378193)



Watkins Cinnamon and Pepper - Timeless Classics


If you have ever tried Watkins Cinnamon and Pepper you know there is no going back! Nothing compares to the wonderful flavor both of these spices offer!

Watkins Cinnamon

For more than 100 years, Watkins cinnamon has been a staple in households across North America. It's a high-oil Korintje cassia variety that has doulbe the flavor of the regular Ceylon varieties!

Watkins cinnamon offers 3  to 3.5% of the essential oil of Korintje cassia whereas many others on the market offer 1-2% and even as low as .5%! Take a taste and see why Watkins customers prefer Watkins cinnamon!

Watkins Pepper

Ask anyone who knows and loves their pepper - there is nothing like Watkins pepper! Made from the finest peppercorns from Malabar and Lampong, Watkins chooses to chip each berry (versus crushing) to ensure  the high essential oil is still present, giving you the most flavor possible!

You can also purchase Watkins pepper in our special 'grinders' that allow you to grind as needed! Click on the "SEARCH" button on the top right of the page and type in 'Pepper' to see the options for Watkins pepper!


New JR Watkins Website: Ordering Products, Signing Up and Sponsors


Welcome to the new JR Watkins website. You may notice some new changes. Watkins wants to bring you a variety of products and showcase their dedication to natural and top quality products for the whole family.

Shop for Watkins Products

While you are on this site you can click on the "Shop With Us" button on the top left side of the page. From there you will see an arrow that gives you drop-down options.

You can shop by category for Watkins products and while in that category you can look at the filters on the left side of the page. For example, if you go into Bath & Body and look towards the bottom left side of the page you will see all the Watkins products on sale this month!

Shopping Online With Watkins

When you see the items you want, just click on that item and then click on Add to Cart. You can view what's in your cart anytime by looking at the red button at the top of you page (Under the JR Watkins logo). 

When you are ready to checkout, go to the Cart button and click on the drop down arrow - from there you can click on checkout. At checkout  you can enter customer ID# if you have one or you can create a new one. When creating  a new one, please remember to enter the consultant ID# 378193 when asked.

Ordering Watkins Products Over the Phone

If you are confused a bit by the new look or would rather speak with a live person, you can call Watkins at 1.800.928.5467. Tell them you wish to place an order and they can help you out. Again, you will need to give them your customer ID# or, if you don't have one yet, you can create one (free) and give them consultant ID# 378193.

Signing Up as a Watkins Consultant and Finding a Sponsor

You can also save 25%-39% on your purchases if you get the Watkins membership. Many consultants join for personal reasons, just wanting a discount for themselves. So if you want you can get this membership today ($39.95) and save on every order you place.

There are no quotas or min order requirements - they membership is good for one year and you can use it as little or often as you like. (You can also sell Watkins products and start your own Watkins business!)

To sign up as a Watkins consultant call Watkins at 1.800.928.5467 and say you wish to sign up as a consultant. They will ask for a sponsor's ID# and you can give them my ID# - it's 378193.

If you have any questions at all, about the new website, ordering, becomming a Watkins consultant or anything, feel free to contact me anytime!

Sincerely,tamara laschinsky jr watkins consultant canada usa business sponsor

Tamara Laschinsky

Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Team Manager #378193



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