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Hello Usa and Canada, Brian and Kathy Watkins id# 394943

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JR. Watkins Independent Consultant 394943

Brian Spedowski & Kathy Byrnes




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Welcome Message from Brian and Kathy id 394943

New blog post below, recipes, training updates. For info please call us at 570-423-7988 to request a catalog, business information or to place your order! Join us here  www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

Idependent Watkins consultant 2017

 In order to provide you with the best customer service we are pleased to offer you the following options:

  • You may browse the online catalog.  If you have question Contact us for personal service at 570-423-4988.
  • Request a catalog or other information, you'll also have the option of mailing your order.
  • Have question on Start your Home Based Business or Watkins Home Business Opportunity!
  • Interested in joining our team as a Consultant? Contact us 570-423-7988 to request your no obligation information package.

Whichever ordering method you prefer, your order will be shipped fresh from Watkins factory right to your door.

Brian Spedowski is also on Facebook, along with our online blog http://www.briakat.com. We have been in the Watkins business since Dec 2011, and plan to travel the USA/Canada.

Thank you for your time enjoy what you do we do!! Our Watkins business has been life changing for us.

The Latest and Greatest

Glaze Bars


Glaze Bars

Happy Easter everyone.

Today I made cherry bars with Glaze on top. I want to share the recipe with you for the Glaze.

Glaze for your yummy desserts Bars.

  • 1 cup Powdered Sugar 
  • 4 tablespoons of cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon of Watkins double strength Vanilla
  • 1/4 teaspoon Watkins Almond extract
  • 3-4 teaspoons of milk (I did not measure that )

The milk helps loosen the glaze. now because the glaze is a little thick I used a food decorating set. you can use a pastry bag or just a spoon and drizzle it the best you can.

cherry bar glaze with cream cheese

The glaze was not as sweet as I thought it would be. it was yummy. so I made the Bars and also cup cake size that is easier for Brian to take to work.

Now if you want to recipe to the cherry bars you can see that on my Independent Watkins blog Briakat.com Watkins id # 394943

Enjoy spring and cook up some dessert bars with Glaze using the best extract I ever used. :)


Happy New Year 2017


Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 from your Independent Watkins Consultants Brian and Kathy

For this New Year, Brian and I are working on a new home, and a newer truck. What are your plans?

Watkins also made some great New Year changes! The one change that excides us is the Free E- associate site, that is this site right here on JR Watkins.com, Our own Wall, our happy post and our story, That is the one thing in the Watkins home business we love, telling our story. The other key things in a Watkins home business is use the Watkins products; share the Watkins products and books with others. These three Key elements and the now two free business sites make for a great 5 step program in a Watkins home business. So let’s get the 2017 started!

Ask yourself a few questions like these below and all other question you may think of.

Do I want a home business that offers free sites for business use?

Do I want to use Watkins products?

Do I just want to use Watkins products for my own personal use?

 Then- Ask us a few question, on what or how do you want to put Watkins products in your life? Remember, No business needed to use Watkins products.  

Joining is easy, buying the products is easy, and enjoying the products is fun.  Now sharing your story and helping others how to order is easier. J Right on your own free E-Consultant site, our site is www.Jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id # 394943.

 Happy Near Year 2017


Let’s all have a Happy New Year 2017- Time to do for you. Watkins Products are still here, established in 1868 with Changes to fit 2017 and beyond J Sign out off for today Kathy an Independent Watkins Consultant  See you soon, follow us on Facebook.





Fall is soup season!


Fall is soup season and I love a good hot soup on a cold fall day. bright in colors and tasty.

Hi everyone here is a few of the spices I used in my broccoli potato cheese soup topped with crispy bacon.

01141 $16.49 Black Pepper, 12 oz.

01140 9.99 Black Pepper, 6 oz. (this is the traditional

size most people want)

00627 4.98 Celery Seed   00619 4.98 Paprika, smoked   00613 3.98 Parsley Flakes  00611 3.98 Oregano

22006 6.99 Onion & Garlic Pepper   00609 4.98 Mustard, ground and Cilantro Leaves by Watkins but I don't see the order # for that.

Here is my soup before simmering is done. I use the same spices in my rue, which was only broth from vegetables and cheese stirred until it turned creamy. I use NO flour at all.

I per boiled the broccoli potatoes and some red onion I then fried the bacon and sautéed the vegetable's in the bacon fat for a little smoke flavor I added a little smoked paprika too I did not brown vegetables  just a little crispy touch for flavor. then added everything in the slow cooker for the day.

  • So what is your favorite Watkins spices?
  • What is your favorite Fall Soup?

You can answer me by jotting me your recipes by email or  join Watkins and start your own post stating your favorites. my website are listed at the top of my Watkins blog wall, or contact me on Facebook Kat Kathy Byrnes or Brian Spedowski www.katwins.com or www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

Hope to hear your fall soup favorite soon!!!! Enjoy Fall soup season :)

Cookie Time


Not the best looking but tasty.  i am not a baker. but i love Watkins products. my honey stated they" tasty great"

Happy Day


New Products, New month, new specials and A New puppy in our home and the Watkins orange extract is very helpful, a cap full in mop water for the hard floors. a little in the puppy's bath water to help him smell great, and some say fleas don't like citrus so I tried it after I ask our vet did not tell me not to. be right back

A healthy tasty treat


A cold cocoa treat for all year long.

3/4 cup of Almond Milk

1/2 tsp. of Watkins double strength Vanilla

1-2 TBSP of Watkins unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 of banana

blend with ice and enjoy!!!!


Have a tasty treat idea and you want me to share email me. Happy New Year JR Watkins fans, customers and consultants, and to be 2015 Consultants


Pressure cooking


Pressure cooking

I have been trying new things with my Watkins herbs and spices and my pressure cooker gave to me by my  grandmother.

So here is the spices and herbs I used in my chicken, doing ribs soon. I already did apples tomatoes and salsa.

First the picture, then the spices I use, have a great day. from your independent Watkins consultant | Brian Kathy spedowski id # 394943.  

pressure cooked chicken


Now the spices I used for my chicken.

All of them LOL yes I have a lot of Watkins spices and buying more soon.

  • Watkins grinders top gourmet seasonings chicken (item # 00534 for USA)
  • Lemon pepper grinder item # 00537
  • Cayenne red peppers item# 00620
  • Cumin  item #00604
  • Watkins sea salt to tasty hubby does not do salt so I put on top of mine, after cooked
  • Watkins black pepper #01141 and white pepper item # 00638
  • Watkins paprika sweet item # 00612 only in the eggs as Paprika has tense to burn
  • Watkins cilantro item #00644
  • Watkins parsley item#00613
  • Watkins garlic and herbs item #21912
  • Watkins Onion and garlic pepper 22006
  • Watkins chives # 00617
  • and in flour I put one teaspoon of Watkins snack and dip seasonings I use the Garden Vegetable item# 02056


Pressure cooking fun pears coming soon.


Hi All


Are you Looking for Watkins natural products? are you asking yourselves how do I get them awesome Watkins products? Look no longer you see the post!!

I am a Watkins consultant I have a sponsoring id # 394943, I have been a active Watkins consultant for many years, I help other learn how to use Watkins in their homes, and I can help you.

Are you Wanting to start a Watkins home business? You can work from home, and use Watkins products?

Yes! you can Start today!

Joining Watkins is easy, fun, helps you and your family in many Ways.

  1. Natural products the are safe for you, children, pets and the environment.
  2. A way to earn extra income for bills, retirement, vacations, new items you may need, Like I needed a Washier, :)
  3. shop for your family, pay yourselves $$ for items you use daily Like: All purpose cleaners, dish soap, laundry care, pain care, such as pain liniment, rubs, supplements,  Watkins also has gourmet foods spices, herbs, and extracts. don't forget personal care items; shampoo and a conditioner, Hand and body lotions,  face cream and washes, deodorant, bath and body sprays and oils. check them all out on J.R. Watkins website. 
  4. Watkins helps you learn and meet others
  5. I will help you get started too,

So What ever reason you where looking for Watkins or natural products you found me and I am ready to help or train you and getting started.

Becoming a Watkins Independent consultant is the best thing I did for my family.

In top right hand corner of the main page here, is two flags Canada and USA choose the one that fits your area  to become a customer or a consultant, Start your Watkins experience today.




I am back and wanted to share some important News, I am Kathy id # 394943 Watkins consultant.

How to become a Watkins consultant your self.

For August you can become a Watkins consultant today easier than ever.

One way save paper electronically join us buy online only for $19.95 go to my site jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski yes the site you are reading now. and in right hand corner of site fill out info to join and or be a customer.

the second way you can join use online is www.respectedhomebusiness.com/394943

these cost online is $19.95 for the month of August so this offer has an expiration date.

What is $29.95 ~It is the membership fee for a mail membership package.

Now you don't want to do electronically that is ok for august you can join for $29.95 and save $10.00 the way to do this is call 1800Watkins and give id # 394943 or click the site above and request hard copy of your Watkins membership package.  

  •  the following link, which does NOT require a password. It lets you view or print our price lists (then  contact me to order): http://www.timelessintegrity.com/prices
  • If you don't have a printer connected to your computer, you can send the following link to a friend or a local office supply store. This link does NOT require a password, and will let them print our price list or our prospecting materials for you: http://www.timelessintegrity.com/print

Join us in using Watkins is the news!! Shop at home today. New news Watkins membership electronically is $19.95 for August. copy and past link if the don't show up thanks from your independent Watkins Consultant Id # 394943 Brian Spedowski and Kathy



Jack BBQ Sauce, by your independent Watkins consultant Brian ID #394943,


We used Jack Daniels as our Whiskey, But you can use any,


  • 1/2 cup          brown sugar
  • 2 TBSP of Watkins Grape-seed oil
  • One  Onion  or Watkins onion powder,                      
  • 1/2 cup          Jack Daniels Whiskey        (your preference)                
  • 1 cup          Watkins barbecue sauce                       
  • 1 TBSP.          Watkins Dry mustard        (we like sweet and spicy)

cooking instruction if you use a whole onion

Melt butter in skillet. Add onions and cook over med-high heat until tender and translucent. Continue to simmer for 15 more minutes.
2 Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 15 more minutes.
3 You are now ready to serve it as a dipping sauce or use it to baste things on the grill -- or BOTH
WE again had Country style ribs we love cooking out, and meaty Ribs!!  Happy Fourth OF JULY ALL!!
Mix it up be creative in your cooking today. Jacks BBQ SAUCE BY Brian LOL he uses all Watkins spices too.


Homemade Root Beer BBQ Sauce


I  personal think everyone should order some Watkins Concentrated Rootbeer Extracts and try this recipe soon, loved it!

  • 1st I did not unseal the protect seal on the extract, I poked a small hole so only little drops would come out.  Reason was this Rootbeer extract is Concentrated! ~~

Homemade Root Beer BBQ Sauce


  • 2 cups Ketchup,
  • 1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce,~
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar~
  • 1 tsp. of Watkins dry mustard,
  • some Watkins steak and chop seasoning did not measure that ,
  • little Watkins black pepper,
  • and three "TINY"! drops of Watkins Rootbeer extract.

  • stirred and set for 3 hrs, then use on country style ribs I liked it. Brian ate it too but, he eats everything lol.  Real! it was a Unique BBQ sauce. I am using the left over BBQ HOMEMADE SAUCE on chicken tomorrow night. Please Note: I do not use measuring cups so this is my guess on the amounts I use, except the extract.

Try your Homemade Root Beer BBQ Sauce today order and join Watkins with us.

Our Vacation


Our Vacation

Oh!! we had a great time in Michigan, I just love that the Watkins business follows us every where. We packed our suitcases with our favorite Watkins products in the personal care line. Then, I took a few extra items to share with my family, some of the items requested were the black pepper and the pain spray, I also took the sunscreen for our new daughter in law.  

Here is how the story went, when we first arrived to their home. My daughter in law was cleaning up her home with store cleaning supplies and she showed me here new ring, but what she found was her ring finger was all red and dried out. It looked like she had a tattoo on that finger, I asked some important questions like, are you allergic to the ring, is it itchy?  She said no I have been wearing it for a month now, I think it from cleaning. I applied a little petro salve on the finger for a minute then we moved on to a different subject.

Later that week we went to the ring shop they cleaned her ring and asked her other question, now I did not want to be to pushy, so I listened and the lady said you should ware gloves when cleaning which one should but, I never do.  After we left, I ask Sarah would you like to clean with Watkins natural products and see if that helps. So we picked out some of the scents she liked and made her a little natural cleaning basket to try. We will see how her finger is soon.

I know that when I clean with other products besides Watkins home care line my hands get dry, red and very itchy at times. So Thanks Watkins for great natural cleaning supplies, I love them and I am sure Sarah will too.  

You never know when the Watkins subject will come up! With that said, this is way Watkins is a great home business. My reason is because if you use and know the products you can share your story and products with others.

Independent Watkins Consultant Brian Spedowski 394943

Photo of us doing dishes with Watkins dish soap, Smells and clean great along with being gentle on the skin.

People helping People with Watkins~ Love what you do, WE DO!~ 




Have a great Memorial Day



Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. I so am thankfully for you all!

Have a great Memorial day Everyone thanks you for all that served our country from your Watkins consultant Brian Spedowski and Kathy Byrnes.

Contest and Incentives


contest is over for this one

 Contest and Incentive I am looking for photo, so I can giving away some Watkins read below:


Jeff and Sarah

Contests and Incentives

Hello!! Everyone we must share our excitement.  Our son, Jeffery was married yesterday in the Bahamas. He is 25, and he used the Watkins sunscreen on his trip.  No we did not get to go, (passport reasons we needed to get ours) but we’ll be together in June. So were SO! excited for him and our new daughter!! (or daughter in-law) but, to us she our daughter.



We are having a Contests; I (Brian Spedowski ) will be having a drawing as I called it a contest!! This is for all newlywed couples this month. Here is what one lucky person will get $40.00 in Watkins gift certificates. This offer is from me id # 394943 Brian only this is not a Watkins offer or contest. .my email is kat5214@gmail.com for Kathy and Brian Spedowski

  • Contests end May 30 2014. the winners' name may be posted with their permission. There will be no sharing with others your information. In the case of no enters contest/drawing will not happen.

What you need to do:  Email me one photo of your newlywed couple, with Names, Email address, phone number, and home mailing address, along with their wedding date just because. No membership needed to enter.

On May 31th at 9 am Eastern Time I will put in “a hat” all enters names then we will have a drawing for one lucky couple.  I will mail out a catalog to all other enters with a free sample. Happy Wedding day to all!

Rules: all information required, wedding can be anytime in 2014 wedding photo preferred but not needed just information. If We (Kathy or Brian) cannot contact a person in USA or Canada your enter will not qualify.  Again this contest is by an Independent Watkins consultant id # 394943 named Brian Spedowski this is Not A Watkins or Summit group offer.  


 Would you like a free Watkins catalog? Would you like a free Sample?  If you would like a free catalog and sample, just ask me.  It is quite simple hit request catalog on my page. www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski and request catalog. All you do after you find the request catalog on my page is fill out your info to where you like it mailed, along with Email address and phone #. I will not pressure you into joining I just want to make sure I mail out the catalog and sample to you.  So, now I can send you my free prices list for online use, a few important links and a catalog with a Coconut, Milk and Honey sample of our Watkins hand and body lotion. This is my complimentary offer to you. I want you to learn as much as possible about Watkins as a customer or as a home based business. 

Not interested in a free sample and catalog you may view all Watkins products right here at http://www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski or see the free business tour at www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a


Join Watkins Today


Join Watkins to day in May.

May Flowers and Mothers days gifts.

Find your Mother's Day gifts create your unique gift ideas for Mother's Day. Give the perfect gift - every time.

Mother day gifts under $25.00


Create your gift baskets for your special person in your life: 250 Watkins products to choose from.

Hand and Body Lotion $9.99

for the cooks Spice and herbs $3.49 and up,

New Anti Aging Bath and Body supplies in a delightful scent, and a flower or plants and don't forget the Watkins gift certificate so, she can shop till she drops. Join Watkins today create your new way. www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a to join me.

Thank you and Have a great Mothers day!!! Later next week, I will post my mothers favorite Apple pie recipe with Watkins Cinnamon oh yummy stuff!!




Stir up some Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Pasta


 Stir up some Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Pasta

www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id # 394943 or www.katwins.com to join us you may do that at JR watkins site here^^ or www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a and you too will recieve a free  home business site, in my group only

Time to Stir up some Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Pasta!!


 1/2 - 3/4 lb cooked fettuccine

 2 TBS olive oil

 1 lb peeled, deveined raw large shrimp

 1 TBS plus 2 tsp Watkins homemade seasoning (recipe below make extra for other recipes)

 1 1/2 smoked turkey sausages, sliced and quartered

 1/2 cup diced green pepper( I left out I just can do green peppers but I like Cajun so I use pinch more of Watkins Cajun dip mix. )

 1/2 cup diced yellow onion

 1 TBS Watkins garlic fresh garlic great too

 1/2 cup chicken stock or Watkins Chicken soup base mix (see below)

 1 tsp Watkins thyme

 1 tsp Watkins basil

 1/2 cup heavy cream

 1/2 cup grated Parmesan



Watkins homemade Seasoning these can be made a store in large quantity and use and many other items,

 2 1/2 tablespoons Watkins paprika

 2 tablespoons Watkins salt

 2 tablespoons Watkins garlic powder

 1 tablespoon Watkins black pepper

 1 tablespoon Watkins onion powder

 1 tablespoon Watkins cayenne pepper

 1 tablespoon Watkins oregano

 1 tablespoon Watkins thyme



 Heat 1 TBS of Watkins Grape-seed oil over medium high heat in a large sauté pan. Season the shrimp with 2 teaspoons of the Watkins homemade seasoning. Place the shrimp in the pan and sauté until almost done. Remove the shrimp from the pan and set aside.

Add the remaining TBS of Watkins grape-seed oil in the sauté pan and onions and bell peppers. Sauté, stirring occasionally, until the onions are translucent, about 3 minutes. Add the sausage and cook another minute.

Add the garlic to the pan and sauté for 30 seconds.

Add the chicken stock or see how to use Watkins chicken soup base mix to the pan and scrape with a spoon to remove any browned bits that have formed in the bottom of the pan, about 30 seconds.

Add the Watkins thyme, 1 TBS of Watkins homemade seasoning pack and 1/2 tsp salt and cook for 2 minutes.

Add the heavy cream to the pan and cook an additional 2 minutes.

Return the shrimp to the pan and pasta to the pan. Continue to cook the sauce and pasta, stirring occasionally, for about 3-5 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the basil and Parmesan.

Independent Watkins Consultant id # 394943


Independent Watkins Consultant id # 394943 Pepperoni recipe below:

 Independent Watkins Consultant id # 394943 Brian Spedowski and Kathy: Our info: business, you also receivea free business site but, only if you join under my group: www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a online shop www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id # 394943 needed to shop for free no membership needed unless you like saving 25% off retail prices.!!

Blog page www.briakat.com Fun stories Watkins recipes, my outlook of the Watkins business.


J.R. Watkins
J.R. Watkins Naturals: America's original apothecary manufacturer featuring a diverse line of personal care, home care, remedies, herbs, spices & flavorings.

Pepporoni twist sticks,


  • Frozen bread dough *homemade is fine as well*
  • Pepperoni
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Watkins grapeseed oil
  • Watkins Italian seasoning
  • 1/4 cup tomato sauce (Optional)


  1. Loosely cover the frozen bread dough with plastic wrap. Allow the dough to thaw for a few hours at room temperature. When the dough is completely thawed it will be slightly puffed up.
  2. Here’s a tip: Spray the plastic wrap with cooking oil, or brush it with Watkins grapeseed oil and lay it, oiled side down on the bread dough. This allows the bread dough to rise and move easily under the plastic wrap without it sticking or holding back the dough.
  3. Roll dough out to an approximately 11 x 11 inch square. One frozen dough log makes one pepperoni roll.
  4. Brush dough with grapeseed oil. Lay pepperoni on the dough covering entire surface. Sprinkle with shredded mozzarella cheese.
  5. Next, sprinkle it with shredded Parmesan cheese and lightly sprinkle it with Watkins Italian seasoning or Watkins Pizza Pasta grinders . Add a sprinkling of Watkins garlic salt (optional).
  6. Roll up the dough starting at one edge of the square.
  7. Place rolls on baking sheet, leaving space between them if you are making more than one roll. Brush some melted butter on top of the uncooked pepperoni roll(s).
  8. Bake at 375 degrees F for approximately 15 to 25 minutes. Oven temperatures and times may vary. When done, the top of the rolls should be golden brown and you should be able to make a tapping sound on the crust with your fingernail (the same as when baking bread).
  9. Make sure you allow your pepperoni roll to cool completely before slicing and serving it share your pic and recipes with me at kat5214@gmail.com your Independent Watkins Consultant id # 394943

Looking for Watkins?


Are you looking for Watkins or J.R. Watkins?



April 2014, New to you, Join us today. Looking for Natural products,such as, Personal care, gourmet foods, cleaning supplies, pain care and supplements then you come to the right spot.

  1. Shop online at www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski as a customer or as a member. Consultant that want to do a business, and shop can also sign up at site above.
  2. Want to learn about the business and what is the Summit Group go to www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a
  3. would you like to just ask a Question contact me at kat5214@gmail.com or phone 570-731-7110 or cell 570-423-7988 any time.
  4. if you like to read more about my life with Watkins you can go to my blog www.briakat.com
  • Memberships for $39.95  recieve 25% all products
  • May use the advantage program once a month for 30% off listed products and free shiping.
  • Customers that join may share with friends and family may place one order a year or ever month.


  • As a Watkins associate, you'll generally earn between 25% and 39% profit on products you retail yourself.

  • And you'll generally earn between 5% and 10% profit on the sales generated by associates on your team.
  •  You choose your business method
  • 1.) retailing
  • 2.) sponsoring
  • 3.) both

You're the owner of your own Watkins business!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! contact us with your Watkins questions if you are just looking for one Watkins item I can help you.

Are you looking for Me? Your Independent Watkins Consultant



For best service please call us at 570-731-7110 to request a catalog, business information or to place your order! Join us here now or at www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a need to use text message use 570-423-7988. 

Customers are the heart of our business we want all our customers to feel special, exclusively you! I am dedicated to providing you with first-rate customer service, the best value for your money and the highest quality products. In order to provide you with the best customer service we are pleased to offer you the following options:

  • You may browse the online catalog.  If you have question Contact us for personal service at 570-731-7110.
  • Request a catalog or other information, you'll also have the option of mailing your order.
  • Have question on Start your Home Based Business or Watkins Home Business Opportunity!
  • Interested in joining our team as a Consultant? Contact us 570-731-7110 to request your no obligation information package.

Whichever ordering method you prefer, your order will be shipped fresh from Watkins factory right to your door.

Brian Spedowski is also on Facebook, along with our online blog http://www.briakat.com. We have been in the Watkins business since Dec 2011, and plan to travel the USA/Canada

Watkinize Your Home I am here to help you.


Watkinize Your Home I am here to help you.

1.) Join us as a Watkins consultant or member. www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a or www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski or call 1800 watkins share id # 394943 with customer service person.

2.) order the upgrade Watkinize your home or any other products you want.

3.) let me know how WE can help you get started, by emailing me or calling 570/731/7110 or 570/423/7988 ASK FOR KATHY or BRAIN

Item # to Watkinize your home:  

09834 Watkinize Your Home Assortment—US
09835 Watkinize Your Home Assortment—Canada

What do you get when you buy the Watkinize home package?

Food: Experience Watkins gourmet spices and extracts. From our award-winning double strength vanilla, to our famous soup and gravy bases, to our natural spices, Watkins products will bring out your inner chef.

Home Care: Keep your home fresh and clean with an assortment of homecare products in a variety of scents. Our all-natural dish soaps, cleaners, room fresheners, laundry detergents, and other home care products come in popular scents like lemon, orange and aloe & green tea.

Personal Care: Pamper yourself from head to toe—and everywhere in between with Watkins array of natural hand creams, body lotions, body oils and foot creams.

Medicinals: Watkins is the tried and true source for home remedies like our famous Petro-Carbo Salve, Menthol Camphor/Medicated Ointment and White Cream Liniment. Find relief naturally with Watkins medicinal products.

As a business opportunity you can earn extra income after you Watkinize your home.

The Watkinize Your Home assortment makes it possible for Watkins to offer another way to earn additional money with the Bonus Payout. With the Bonus Payout you can earn $100 US/ $130 CN cash (or more) when a new or existing Consultant personally sponsored team member purchases the Watkinize Your Home Assortment!

To qualify for WYH Bonus Payouts, you simply purchase the assortment for yourself and enroll in Watkins Loyalty Program. Not only can the Bonus Payout put cash in your pocket, it also inspires your team to sponsor more, thus expanding your team and income even further!

How much is the Watkinize your Home Package;

  •  USA $349.00 for over $500 in products and a E-consultant site to start your new business off running.
  • Canada $449.00 for this incredible variety of Watkins products retailing $600.00

Little Blog site for you to learn all the fun things we do daily, www.briakat.com 

Watkinize Your Home I am here to help you. you can be a new business partner or a Watkins loyal customer. Ask us today how you can get started.

Herbs and Spices for an Irish Meal


A few Irish Meal Watkins Seasonings.

Don't forget $15.00 in gift certificate to all new Watkins members in March 2014, post below for details 

Irish meal with JR Watkins gourmet products.

Watkins items you need for a tasty Irish meal: if corn beef come with seasoning you only need these items: request your free price list of All Watkins products in USA and Canada by email, at kat5214@gmail.com shop online here or link http://www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski  see business tour at www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a  you can join us in starting your home business or just to be a Watkins customer.

Herb and Spice for an Irish Meal, however; I recommend you have these on hand all year long. 

Tomato & Horseradish Snack & Dip Seasoning Item #02065: for irish cream sauce at serving time.

Watkins Chicken Soup and Gravy Base Item #21176 great to have on hand  if you have the cold/flu!

Watkins Sea Salt Item #00531 <-- linked to more Easter recipes

I recommend Four Peppercorn Blend Grinder Item #00532,

More Watkins herbs and Spices on my blog  50 shades of spice.


Irish meal Horseradish cream recipe:


Tomato & Horseradish Item No. 02065 (3.7 oz./105 g)


Directions Mix 3 tbsp. /45 mL to1 cup/240 mL sour cream. For best results, let stand for 30 to 60 minutes to allow flavors to develop. Refrigerate any leftovers.


After you start the way to success is not to quit.


So, how do you get a bigger harvest? You do two things. 1) You plant more seeds! 2) You don't quit!

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March 2014 only www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski


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March 2014 special offer by JR Watkins


March Special offer By Watkins corporate.

Free $15 Gift Certificate for New Members!

March 2014 only www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski
March 2014 only www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski


Sponsoring Incentive from Watkins Corporate   Watkins Corporate has a special incentive to help you build your team! Each person who joins my team during March 2014 will automatically get a free $15.00 in Watkins Gift Certificates postal-mailed directly from Watkins about two weeks after they join.

What a great way for your prospects to "spring into action" with a new earnings opportunity! And, of course, those who join during March can immediately sponsor their friends or other prospects who might want to enjoy the journey to success with Watkins, too—and they each get a $15 Gift Certificate.

Let's get started together, join me and my team, than you can pass this special on to your new consultants.

www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a or join from my Watkins store go to link under shop and click new consultant.

My destiny is Joy


To join us you may do that here or there, www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a , I like green eggs and ham,  and other books by Dr. Seuss. When I was raising my children we would make green eggs and ham, it was fun and exciting. Now they are grown and we still do fun things together, like take trips to the big City NY, NY. My son  is not a "big city guy", so this year we going to a little area called Spring field Tennessee. But guess what he also is getting married this year.


So if I had a full time out of the home job with a boss and set hours, I would not be able to do these things with my family and that is why my destiny is joy with Watkins home business. To read more about me go to my blog briakat.com or call me and I can tell you a "little bit" about me and my destiny is joy with JR Watkins products. Let’s start today. 570-731-7110.

If you want to join first you may join right here on this website (www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski id #394943 if you like to call Watkins office is 1800/Watkins (928-5467).

I picked destiny is joy for my title because, Watkins home business has changed our lives, not only in financially security, also in the use of natural products. We love the freedom to take family trips and special time off for Weddings

J chat soon!!!

Have a Blessed Day from your Independent Watkins Consultant Brian Spedowski and Kathy Byrnes Sponsor id # 394943


2014 Calendar


News Blog page for briakat.com I am an Independent Watkins consultant my id # 394943, I made a calendar, if you like one for your copy my way of email ask me at kat5214@gmail.com you can then print it from your home.

Incase link does not work here is my page, the page the calendar is on, http://briakat.com/2014/02/salmon-fillets/


To order your Watkins you can call 1800 Watkins (928-5467)

Id # 394943


to join Watkins www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a

to read blog and get recipes go to www.briakat.com


 ~~~ http://wp.me/a3mL6K-152

might have to copy and paste into the browsers.

Thank you for shopping with us. New membership sign in page on my site right here join us.

My Pans


My Pans needed a good but safe cleaning.

My Pan Hung by my stove they are decor pans not for cooking, well at least I don’t use them for cooking. These pans were very dirty!! As I guess I have not clean them in a while.  :)  But it was time to clean them!! So I use my Watkins all-purpose cleaner, strong enough to clean the grim but soft enough not to remove the hand painted flowers.

What do you forget to clean when you clean?  Windows is my other procrastinate job.

So are you looking to buy some Watkins natural products? Shop online here today, www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski Join us and save 25% off retail price, use the advantage program as a member and save 30% off retail prices and free shipping, every month.

Are you looking for Watkins business information?  stop by my site www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a.  Do you have a few question contact me by email or phone. Kat5214@gmail.com or 570731/7110, cell if you want to text us is 570-423-7988 USA AND CANADA

ASK me if I have any sign up specials, I might.

You May Join Watkins here now!!



New Consultant Online Registration—Now Available! 


Exciting news! People who want to join My Watkins team can now use the new online Consultant registration on JRWatkins.com! 


When you visit my JRWatkins.com (if you are reading this you are at my site), and are ready to join, you have to click


*"Sign In/Create Account" where you'll find the new "Join Watkins as a Consultant" choice. Continue to:


•fill in the registration information


•select a log-in password


•choose options such as the upgrade starter assortments, master catalogs, or the catalog subscription program


•submit payment for membership




It's quick and easy—and available days, nights and weekends.


Make sure you know My Watkins ID number 394943, which they'll need to enter in the Sponsor field on the registration form. (I do have an e-Consultant website, so when you start the registration process from my site, then the Sponsor field should be automatically pre-fill with my ID number 394943.)


This new online Consultant sign-up will provide a quick and convenient way for prospective team members to join while providing immediate ordering access at JRWatkins.com.


You also, may still take a tour of my free business site and Join there. That site is call TSG, The Summit Group and the link is www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a join us today.


Advantage order is done


My Advantage order is done for the month, 30% savings and free shipping. Join me in saving dollars when you order your Watkins.

Here is a little bit how the Advantage Program or "Free Shipping" works.

The deadline is the 8th of the month to place or modify your order on the Advantage Program as a Watkins Consultant. It's the optional program that lets you order from 100 Points to 300 Points (about $100 to $300 worth) of products at a bigger-than-usual discount and with Free Shipping.

I encourage all Watkins team members to use this for getting products they need for their own home or that their customers order regularly—it can save you a ton of money over the course of the year. So are you ready to join me? go to www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a ~~Want some extra reading materials check out my blog at www.briakat.com. and to shop online at Watkins www.jrwatkins.com/consultant/spedowski

My  sponsor id # 394943 ~Join me, Today take advantage of the free shipping program as I call it.

Jan-July Catalogs


Hi everyone, I have the new Jr Watkins catalogs. and in Febuary you can get some new products. please note the Seasoning salt is an out of stock/discontinued  item # 21992 for US/ 31992 for Canada. :( .


New products are added look at my blog www.briakat.com to see them.  You heard it first There/here.

What are the new products in the new catalog? Right! what are they? I will give you a short version.

Pomegranate and Acai Body Care:

  • Bath and Body oil (4 fl. oz./118 ml)

  • Hand & Body Lotion (11 fl. Oz./325 ml)

  • Hand Cream (3.3 oz. / 95 g.)

  • Sugar & Shea Body Scrub (8 oz./226g)

Anti-aging-Body Care- Ultra Moisturizing & Nourishing Body Range-

This is four age defying body cares. With: Vitamins A, C, and E antioxidants from grape seed and blackberry oils.

  • Anti-Aging Body Cream rich pure plant emollients, with antioxidants

  • Anti-Aging Body Serum –Oil-based Serum provides concentrated skin nourishment to improve the look and feel of your skin-Naturally!

  • Anti-Aging Cream Body Wash- ultra moisturizing cream wash combines gentle plant-based cleanser with substantive emollient ingredients to deliver an ultra-soft skin unlike any other body wash.  I must try this one soon!!

  • Anti-Aging Hand Cream- A non-greasy, velvety cream enriched with age-defying antioxidants to help maintain youthful-looking hands.

  • Watkins New catalog contact me today. www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a to become a Watkins consultant. www.tsginfo.com/kb4432

My Sunday Dinner


Brian works nights as a truck driver, so when we get to eat dinner together it is a treat, and when I get to cook with my Watkins spices and herbs the kitchen just smells Awesome.

 Starting February 2 Brian is going to day :)  So I will get to cook more dinners yippy.

So what is for dinner? I don’t know, I thought homemade pizza and football game. what do you like on your pizza?

We will have a homemade pizza with Watkins garlic and herbs on the crust and cheese rolled in the crust. And then the sauce will be made with Watkins Italian grinders then ham pineapple and pepperoni With Mexican cheese.  


Pizza & Pasta Seasoning Grinder Product Details Item #00540

When cooking Italian, turn to the traditional flavors of garlic, bell peppers, basil and other natural spices. Twist and grind our gourmet Pizza & Pasta Seasoning to add fresh seasonings to pizza, pasta, calzones and more.

Join us at www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a or 1800 watkins id # 394943 Make your watkins Sunday dinner too.

Superbowl Delights


 Superbowl Delights by Watkins Consultant ID# 394943.

Hi Everyone,  Thank you for visiting my Jr Watkins website. I hope you find all your JR. Watkins products with ease. click your flag, then click shop and search away. Shopping at home! Love it!

 The Superbowl is a great Family time.  I think Family time is awesome fun time. Right?

So, to find an easy recipe look here on this Jrwatkins site or  I have some on my blog www.briakat.com Get a pen to write down your Watkins product item #.  Now you are ready to look over the natural cleaning supplies, spices & herbs, Home and health care, and Supplements .

Lets not FORGET that Football "jumping Jack/Jane Jelly Bean" that is going to get excide, during a touchdown... This is how I see it happening, they jumped up so fast, bumping his/her knee on the end table their Watkins snacks/drinks are sitting on. "OCHY!!!"  you say I got IT !!, graping your Watkins Spray Liniment to get that special person back into the game. 


Have Fun Thanks



Hey friends, it's a brand spanking new year. We've all made our resolutions for better health, more exercise, more family time, more financial success, etc. But, this year, let's all make a resolution to have so much fun with Watkins that we're all shouting "Yeeehaaa" long before year-end. You know, our Summit Group slogan starts with "Having Fun." And being a Watkins consultant is a blast. But sometimes we get in our own way and make things more difficult than they need to be.  Join us: go to www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a
Look, having success in Watkins is as easy as two simple steps: 1) Use the Products; and 2) Share the Story. Now, if you don't remember exactly what that means or how it works so simply and elegantly, then perhaps it's time to journey back to square one and review our materials for new team members. And right now, at the beginning of the year, is the perfect time to start fresh: Become a Watkins member in 2014.

Sales prices for August


Hi everyone Thank you for stopping by our Jr. Watkins website. The Briakat team is glad you love Watkins. The Briakat team also has a blog www.briakat.com you can read over what I/we Brian and Kathy think about these awesome products. If you are ready to jump in and join Watkins let us help you go to www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a or call 1-800-watkins. 


Hi all


Website seems to be working good, if you still have question please just give us a call. All my favorite items are listed I hope yours' are too. Thank you for shoping with Kathy and Brian and JR. Watkins.  Summer is a great family time so please share our Watkins information with your family. :) Stay cool !!

Quick Watkins information, by Briakat Watkins consultant id # 394943



Ready to get started? Call Watkins at 1-800-928-5467, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., CT. They'll ask you who your sponsor is, We well be honored if you request Brain and Kathy Spedowski Id # 394943 Thank you Have a great Day :)

  • Be your own boss, Start your home Business, Love what you do! WE DO!! Great, contact us for more information 570-731-7110/570-423-7740
  • Become a Consultant and shop at a minimum of a 25% discount! Order what you want, when you want, we never bug you to do more!

The Fresh Site



:) <3 it

I think this new site is awesome, fancy photos, great product details, and yes a little confusing at first. All new things are confusing however, I have had one day to look over this new site and it is all coming together.

Did you know JR Watkins was around way before the internet? That’s right!! JR Watkins’ established in 1868, 145 years this year. Then it grew and grew to today 2013, nice new fresh website just like their basil, vanilla, parsley, hand lotions and my favorite old time pain relief “red” the red liniment made with red pepper and all-natural camphor.

  • To find this product, go to top left of page click shop and a drop down box appeared, scroll to the right to remedies, and click pain second choice down. There you will see the full photo of the product, product details, ingredients and other useful information. You can also rate the product. Woohoo.
  • Have question on Start your Home Based Business or Watkins Home Business Opportunity!
  • www.tsginfo.com/kb4432a is another way to join Watkins
  • Additionally, if you want my personal help I am a phone call away, here are a few ways to reach us, 570-423-7740/570-731-7110. You may call Watkins at 1-800-Watkins you will be asked for sponsor id #. Please I would be honored if you used ours Watkins sponsor id #394943. The Briakat team, Brian Spedowski and Kathy Byrnes.

I hope this little post helps you learn the new Watkins site

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated.