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Independent Manager Lindy Pina

Independent Watkins Consultant

Your Trusted Source for Natural Gourmet, Natural Personal Care, Natural Plant-Based Home Care and Natural-Based Remedies

Herlinda(Lindy) Pina




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Hi, I'm Lindy, Welcome to Our New and Improved JR Watkins Website

It is our goal to provide you with the best possible service and speedy delivery. Our new and improved website is designed with you in mind. You are able to view each Watkins product clearly and read every ingredient included in the manufacturing process.

Be sure to check out our sales and stock up on your favorite Watkins products. For your convenience, you will find the "Sale" link on the left side bar for each category you browse. 

You can shop with the knowledge that America has trusted JR Watkins for Natural products since 1868. We are proud to offer your family superior natural products. Enjoy a safer, healthier lifestyle with our:

  • Natural Gourmet
  • Natural Personal Care
  • Natural Plant-Based Home Care and
  • Natural-Based Home Remedies.



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