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Save $1.00 on JR Watkins Foot Cream


J.R. Watkins Rejuvenating Foot Lotion - Revive dry, aching feet with tingling peppermint oil. This 99% natural foot care cream exfoliates and moisturizes dry, rough skin while providing a burst of aromatic peppermint.

▪Awarded Best Foot Cream in the 2009 Beauty With A Conscience Awards!


▪Review: 1 - Makes Your Feet Feel Like New Again!

I used to think that taking care of my feet was the least of my worries! I never did give it much thought how much brutality and pain your feet go through every single day - 24/7, until just a few months ago... I started have foot pain quite often! At my occupation where I work at, I am constantly on my feet, walking on cold, gray concrete - day in and day out! That's where my foot pain started ~ just being on your feet ALL DAY LONG! That's when I turned to J.R. Watkins Foot Lotion for help! I can't say enough good about this Foot Lotion ~ I LOVE IT! My feet feel SO MUCH BETTER ever since I have started using this Foot Lotion! I put this Foot Lotion on at night before I go to bed, and in the morning my feet feel ready to meet the day! Thanks to J.R. Watkins for making such an awesome product!

▪Review: 2 - Not just for feet!

I had a migraine headache and needed quick relief. Peppermint essential oils are recommended, but not without mixing into an oil or lotion. No time for that with this migraine .... I grabbed this amazing lotion and rubbed onto my forehead and temples, back of neck and my stomach (for the nausea). It worked wonderfully well! I was able to sleep peacefully for a few hours and woke up with no pain whatsoever. Thank you for such quality products! I will keep this product around for a long time : )

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JR Watkins Manager of the Year

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Top Total Team Sponsoring #1
Watkins Grand Prize
6 Day trip to Occidental
Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica - April 2017

Watkins International Awards
JR Watkins Manager of the Year
Top Personal Sponsoring 5th - Total 93
Total Downline Sponsoring 2nd - Total 152
52 Club
Watkins Grand Prize
6 Day Trip to RIU Palace Resort near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - May 2016

2015 Join JR Watkins
Bronze Consultant,  Silver Consultant, Gold Consultant, Manager
Watkins International Awards:
52 Club, 1st Place Consultant - Sponsoring, 5th Place - Top Consultant
Watkins Grand Prize
6 Day Trip to Iberostar Playa Mita - Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

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