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The Latest and Greatest

20% Off Watkins Vanilla! WHAT?!?


This rarely happens, but our world-famous, #1 best-selling product, Watkins Baking Vanilla is on sale for 20% off this month, in addition to ALL other extracts we sell.

It is only August, but the holiday sneak up on us quick. Buy now and save BIG!

New J.R. Watkins Products!


Hey everyone! We have a couple new products that just came out, and I wanted to give you all an overview.

We have a few of our famous hand/body creams that now come in a larger size with a pump, and even two new varieties:

  1. Lemon Creme - 18 oz - $10.99
  2. Coconut Milk & Honey - 18 oz - $10.99
  3. NEW - Coriander and Cedar - 18 oz - $10.99
  4. NEW - Skin Calming (unscented) - 18 oz - $10.99

All of these new 18 ounce lotions are on sale this month for just $9.99, which is the price of the normal 11 ounce bottles. Even when not on sale, they're price just $1 more for 7 ounces and a beautiful display bottle with a pump that helps you control the amount you're using!

These new lotions are available immediately on the J.R. Watkins website.

We have a couple other new products available  - which I will announce in another post later this week.

Until then, feel free to reach out if I can help in any way, or if you are interested in the J.R. Watkins Business Opportunity!

We have a blog!


Be sure to check out and subscribe to my new J.R. Watkins Blog! We'll be adding tons of information about our great products, unique uses for them, and also have some special offers just for blog readers!

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Make Every Day a Watkins Day!


Hope you're all having a great day. Just wanted to post a couple reminders.

Everyone can join J.R. Watkins for free for a very limited time! Just click this link for all the details. 

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Thanks for stopping by - be sure to reach out if I can help in any way!

Join Watkins in 2016 - New Low Membership Fee!


Wow - JR Watkins is really trying to help us grow in 2016. They've just announced that the $19.95 enrollment fee has been extended indefinitely.

That means that for just $19.95 you can join JR Watkins at www.yhbnet.com, and own your own business. What a great way to earn extra income, receive potential income tax benefits, save on JR Watkins products, and have a lot of fun.

Watkins isn't just about selling products anymore either. Check out all the ways you can make money with JR Watkins:

  1. Sponsor new team members to sign up for JR Watkins
  2. Use JR Watkins products in your own home
  3. Retail JR Watkins products online
  4. Share JR Watkins products with your friends and family
  5. Demonstrate JR Watkins products at home parties
  6. Show JR Watkins products at vendor and craft fairs
  7. The Best Method: PICK AND CHOOSE what works for you. Dabble in one or a few of the above methods. We have a method that works for almost everyone, and we have a proven system to show you how to make money in this business.

I never thought that Watkins vanilla, cinnamon, and pepper would change by life, but they have. I am loving my Watkins business more than ever, and it would be fun to have you on the team.

Check out my website or send me an e-mail, text message or phone call!

Brent Hodgeman
J.R. Watkins Ind. Manager #655674


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