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Laurie & Ralph Butts




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Welcome to Laurie & Ralph Butts website

Growing up on the farm we had the freshest home grown and natural produce and meats you could imagine.  When cooking any of these foods I was taught to enhance the end product flavor by using a variety of the many Watkins line of gourmet spices, seasonings, extracts, soup bases etc.  

I am still using the Watkins quality products but now I am also enjoying the benefits of purchasing them all at wholesale prices. 

Wholesale benefits:   

>  Access to all the Watkins quality products.  >  Minimum 25% discount on all YOUR Watkins purchases for one full year.  >  Proudcts shipped direct to your door.  >  Online training to all associates.  >  100% money back guarantee.  What have you got to loose?

For more information on how you too may purchase Watkins products either as a customer or  wholesale for your own savings please contact Ralph or I at 847-639-5742 or toll free 800-873-1918 or laurieralphb@msn.com.

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Independent Watkins Consultant who is the publisher of this document, and are not to be construed as the statements or opinions of Watkins Incorporated.