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Welcome to Watkins!


Thank you for visiting our J.R.Watkins website!

Watkins started in 1868, it is very well-known, dependable, nostalgic company, with many families having used the product for generations!

Please browse our online catalog - Watkins has a wonderful selection of home care, personal care, gourmet, and home remedy products that are as natural as possible!   You can purchase products online using this site, or by phoning toll-free to 1-800-928-5467, and requesting a Customer Direct Order, giving the Teleservices Operator our name and I.D. #072547N.

Watkins also offers an excellent HOME-BASED BUSINESS, with an extremely low start-up fee of only $29.95!   (This includes your own Watkins website!  And to get you off to an excellent start, we will send you a complimentary GIFT CERTIFICATE for $10.00, which you can redeem on either catalogs or product.)

If you would like more information on this excellent Business Opportunity, our Business Information Site, www.respectedhomebusiness.com/72547 will give you more information (you can also register with Watkins from that site, to sell, or purchase at a discount.)   Watkins offers many terific benefits, from saving on your own groceries, to earning all-expense paid trips!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone us at 1-888-966-4555. (If we are away from the phone on business, please leave a message with your phone number, and we will be sure to return your call!)

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site ~ you will enjoy Watkins!





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