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When placing your order please enter my name Cindy Brown and my ID # 378311.  This way I can keep you updated on new products and promotions that come along.

Also should you be interested in having your own business J.R. Watkins is the way to go.  This company has been so good to me.  I promoted to a manager consultant level last year and have been getting wonderful monthly bonus up  to 500.00 monthly which has helped me to pay off my 2011 Jeep in only 2 years and 2 months instead of 6 years.  Thanks you Watkins and all my wonderful consultants and the good Lord above who made this possible.  I would love to help you do this also please contact me by phone or email at Gems_Cindy@yahoo.com or on facebook "Fans of Grilling & Receipes" .

New product items coming soon please email me your mailing address for your own personal new catalog or monthly flyer.

Thanks for shopping at my site.

God Bless

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