Business Opportunities

J.R. Watkins offers something for everyone. Our products have been trusted by multiple generations and they still come with the money-back guarantee that inspired the original Trial-Mark bottle.

Today, you have the opportunity to share our natural home care cleaning line, gourmet foods, personal care products and apothecary products with friends, family and anyone you meet as a J.R. Watkins Consultant. You can choose to build a home-based business, sign up as a nonprofit organization for fundraising, or become a Consultant to take advantage of our generous discount yourself.

The choice is yours-envision the future you want and we'll help get you there.
  • Market your business in way that accommodates your lifestyle and your personality
  • Earn a part-time or full-time income, plus qualify for free travel and other rewards
  • Access expert advice, training programs, promotional materials and more
  • If you’re helping a nonprofit organization, raise much-needed funds by selling J.R. Watkins products
  • Enjoy an exclusive discount on product purchases

Get Started

Talk to a Consultant About Starting Your Business

We believe the best way to learn about building a business as a J.R. Watkins Consultant is to talk to a J.R. Watkins Consultant. Each Consultant runs an independent business and can give you real-life examples of how they successfully grew their network and income.

Get in touch with a current Consultant by completing the form on the right, and get answers to these frequently asked questions and more:

  • How much money can I earn?
  • Are there any sales requirements or quotas I have to meet?
  • How much time is involved in building a business?

If you wish to sign up today as a Watkins Consultant, you can do so, by clicking here.

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Flexible Business

Flexible Business Opportunity

As a Watkins Consultant, you have the flexibility to develop your business in a way that best suits your lifestyle and your personality. Grow your business in as much or as little time as you want, work anytime or anywhere, and do it all on your schedule and as your own boss.

Membership Packages

You can get started as a Watkins Consultant for as little as $39.95, which includes some print materials, training and business support. Plus, with your one-year Watkins Membership package, you qualify for:

  • Savings of 25% on Watkins products
  • Bonuses for achieving sales volumes and leadership goals
  • Incentive programs leading to valuable merchandise and luxury vacations
  • Access to online reports and ordering systems

Natural Heritage

What Sets Watkins Apart?

People throughout the U.S. and Canada are familiar with our naturally inspired products. Just ask your mother—or your grandmother. We’ve been inspiring health and wellness since 1868 when Watkins first earned the trust of customers by offering the first-ever money-back guarantee.

Watkins began when 28-year-old entrepreneur J.R. Watkins had such confidence in his Red Liniment that he invented the famous “Trial-Mark” bottle. Customers could use the liniment down to the Trial-Mark line before deciding if they wanted to keep it or get their money back. As demand for Red Liniment grew, J.R. Watkins hired salesmen and founded the direct-sales industry. “The Watkins Man” quickly became a household name. See the J.R. Watkins Timeline.

Today, men and women all over North America have the opportunity to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and join the Watkins family. Our Consultants take pride in the company’s rich history and quality products that are good for the earth, good for others and good for you, including:

  • Distinctive gourmet food products free of fillers and additives
  • Natural-based apothecary products that blend the best of nature with today’s modern science
  • Environmentally friendly home care products that are nontoxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free
  • Personal care products made with at least 95% natural ingredients

Success Stories

"Watkins has allowed us to reinvent the way we do business. After spending 35 years chasing after financial security by owning traditional businesses, the days of employees, inventory, huge overhead and long commutes are long gone. They have been replaced by Watkins, which give us the freedom to work anytime or anywhere, even in our Motor Coach."

Susan and Michael Laurino
Watkins Bronze Managers

"When we first started Watkins in March 2010, we were only signing up to get a discount on the products and to possibly make a little extra money. After reading and learning more about the company and the Watkins products, we could see the income potential, so we went full steam ahead. But then it turned into a passion we love to talk about, and the extra income each month is an added bonus."

Tina and Chad Griffin
Watkins Managers

"Tanya and I had good paying jobs that we don't want to go back to. We enjoy being our own boss, spend more time with our grandchildren, and experience traveling form one inspiring place to another. Retail selling is what Tanya and I do, replacing jewelry with Watkins to pay our bills. At every show we look for people who need a little more income or like us are longing for financial freedom."

Dan and Tanya Burton
Watkins Managers

Training & Support

Consultant Training and Support

If you are thinking about becoming a Consultant, take the first step by attending a webinar. Get a taste for J.R. Watkins Naturals and our home-based business opportunities. The interactive, online session will be hosted by a senior leadership development manager and will help you discover more about our natural, plant-based products.

Personal Support

The entire Watkins organization is ready and willing to help you succeed at your business. Because of this commitment, a great new Consultant gets the most out of a close relationship with his/her upline sponsors who can share knowledge and experience that will ensure his/her success.

Online Resources

Once you become a Watkins Consultant, you’ll have access to business resources on this website. When you log in as a Consultant and shop at, you’ll have access to our full product lines, and every time you or someone you refer orders from the site, you’ll receive a commission. Other resources available to help you grow your business include:

  • Recipes featuring J.R. Watkins Natural Gourmet products so you can share samples at parties or vendor booths
  • Access to communication and reports so you know what’s new and how you’re growing
  • Information about new programs and incentives designed to help you grow your business
  • Articles and streaming audio about ways to market and grow your business
  • Forms, flyers and training pieces that you can download and share

Rewards & Incentives

Reward Yourself

Whatever you want from a Watkins business, you can achieve it.If you are like most Watkins Consultants, you may want to start a home-based business so you can:

  • Enjoy more free time
  • Feel financially secure
  • Choose your own hours
  • Earn money quickly
  • Replace the income from a part-time or full-time job
  • Grow at your own pace

Watkins International Compensation Plan

As a Watkins Consultants, you will be generously compensated in direct relation to your efforts. Typically, Watkins Consultants earn 25-39% on retail sales as well as a 5-10% bonus on sales generated by a downline. There are four primary ways to meet your personal earning goals:

  • Use Watkins products in your home and with your family
  • Sell Watkins products to friends, family or anyone you meet
  • Share the Watkins business opportunity with potential new Consultants
  • Teach others how to successfully grow and share their businesses

Performance Awards

Each year, Watkins Consultants can participate in company-funded incentive programs that reward individuals for business growth. Earn reward points and exchange them for great prizes, such as:

  • Watkins logo clothing
  • Valuable merchandise
  • Registration for the Watkins Leadership Conference
  • Getaway vacations